NJJ man kills 2 in empty room in hotel room, police

Asberry Park man stabbed one of them to death on Saturday night at the Bedford, New Hampshire Hotel, killing two people.

According to the complaint, Theodore Lukke was found with a gun and metal straps.

Nathan Kashman, 28, of Manchester, New Hampshire, was found dead on Saturday night at a local Inside and Suite lobby in Bedford.

David Hanford, 60, was found dead in a hotel room on the beach. According to New Hampshire Attorney General John M. Formalla, the cause of his death was the suffocation of a ligament and the killing of the road.

The formula does not describe the relationship or motivation between Lucy and the men. The certificate in the case is printed.

According to New Jersey State Prison records, Lucy was released in May after serving time as a kidnapper.

Cashman’s family told WMUR TV that he had been a friend of Luckey for a long time.

Reporter Dan Alexander at Dan.Alexander@townsquaremedia.com or Twitter @DanAlexanderNJ

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Garden beer has more options than ever before to enjoy the outdoors.

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If weather is a problem, it is always recommended to call or email before you go out.


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