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“It is very important that sustainability measures have an impact on the industry,” said Dr. David Beck. “There is no time to waste.

Dr. Beck is a reader in a sustainable economy based at the Community Research Center of Coventry University (UK), co-led by Sustainable Production and Consumption Cluster. He is a keynote speaker at the “Sustainability Path in the Ornamental Garden” at “30”.Th In September, sponsored by Royal Floraholland and Perea, the International Association of Horticultural Producers (IAA) in partnership with Green Tech Live and Online, Flower Sustainability Initiative (FSA) and Flora Culture International (FCI).

“The noise surrounding the sustainability of fruit and vegetable development has grown significantly over the past five years,” said Dr. Beck, referring to the “green” products and the boom in the horticultural market. Measurable and clear measures are now needed in the industry to ensure that initiative is not truly sustainable and green.

Dr. Beck joins speakers from around the world to assess what makes the industry more sustainable, how we measure growth, and what the future holds.

One of the speakers was Mr. FEron CEO Mr. Jeron Owesden.How FSI can create a more sustainable industry and how you can get involved. He says, “We as a whole have the opportunity to use industry narratives to guide and influence the flower and plant industry.

“Together we will ensure that our sector is fully transparent, credible and sustainable. So that the real benefits of flowers and plants can be understood. We do that by joining forces and improving practices. Still, there is work to be done. For example, the sector should focus more on the big picture and information-based narrative; When purchasing flowers and plants, be more open to long-standing debates to ensure that the consumer always makes the right choice.

Ms. Ximena Franco Villegas heads the Department of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs of Ascolflores (Colombia) and is the Managing Director of Floverde Sustainable Flowers (FSF). Together with other industry experts, she joins the ‘Plastics and Round Economy’ panel.

“Sustainability is a global concept understood in the global market,” she said. “However, it must be digested locally. The FFF focuses on social and environmental impacts for Colombian florists and jewelry manufacturers, and works with local partners and regional partners to implement them.

I think everyone needs to accelerate their sustainability goals and adjust every initiative for the planet and for humanity. We call on all businesses, florists and florists to work towards achieving global sustainable development goals.

Other speakers and advocates at the ‘Sustainable Path in Sustainable Gardening’ include:

· Mr. Albert Hassonot, Royal Flora Holland

· Dr. Audrey Tim, AIPH Technical Consultant

· Mr. Daan de Veris, CEO, MPS

Mr. Bill Hardy, Canada, Chairman of the AIPH Green City Committee

· Mrs. Cecilia Lutegberne, developing Europe

· Professor Charlie Hall, Chairman of Ellison, University of Texas A and M

· Elsie Wirina, Quality Assurance and Sustainability Manager, Royal Lemes

Mr. Richard (Kiki) Fernandez, Founder of Carrick Limited and CEO of Marginar Group

· Mr. Leo Schwartz, expert

· Mr. Martin Bank, Sustainable Development Manager, Royal Flora Holland

Melanie Dur, International Manufacturer of Flowers and Plants, Fairred International

· Mr. Moritz Bocking, Klasman-Delman Manager

· Nada Van Shawenberg, Program Specialist, Women Win

· Susanna Ball, Ball Garden

· Mr. Steve Harper, responsible source program from the growing media in the UK

· Mr. Sven Hopping, Global Sales Director at Papelman Teiku

· William G., Head of Sustainability at Freddie Flowers

Conference attendance costs 20 gigabytes. Visit https://aiph.org/event/sustainability-conference-2021/ for more details and to register.

We would like to thank Royal Floraholland and Pera, bronze sponsor Crystal and conference partners Seopora and Florin for their sponsorship.

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