None of the markets are greedy – farmer

According to Dunedin, the leaves are expected to grow as the temperature warms and farmers’ markets close at level 3.

Mosgeil Roger Witson, owner of Jenfield Pionius and hydroponics, said he prefers colder weather than last week.

The cold weather was better because the production in the tropics slowed down.

New Zealand went into a Level 4 lock at 11:59 pm on Tuesday, August 17, and the regions south of Auckland moved to Level 3.

Farmers’ markets should remain closed until Warning Level 2. This is expected to happen this week, but it is unknown at this time.

He and his wife, Cindy, usually sold about 85% of the produce grown in Dunedin’s Otago farmers market, Mr Whitson said.

Up to 400 customers purchased their products on a weekly basis.

We are huge there.

The remaining 15% of the product is sold to restaurants in Dunedin.

The most effective solution was to collect the product during the lockout and take into account the conditions, instead of paying for cooling and packaging and throwing it away instead of finding a way to leave it.

Despite additional costs, he provided 30 kilograms of produce to food banks in Dunedin.

About one-third of the product is approved.

“They were grateful, but they could not withstand much of the spoiled product.”

At the end of each week, the farmer donated any unfiltered produce to the food conservation charity Kiwi Harvest, but it was possible.

In order to start earning money from some of the products, he started selling at the door in step 3.

During the four consecutive days that ended last Saturday, the two-hour supply, which began at 2:00 pm, included a variety of salads, pools, rockets, corridors, bok choy and turnips.

About 30 people were ordered to gather on the first day.

It usually sells for $ 3,000 to $ 4,000 a week in the market each week.

Last week, on the first day of Stage 3 sales, 30 orders returned to $ 700.

” You don’t make money on stage 3, don’t get me wrong, we’re happy with the money but the answer is a lot of work – but you have to start somewhere to get that customer base going again. . ››

He was eager for Level 2 and the farmer’s market to reopen.

They believe that farmers’ markets should be allowed to operate at Level 3 because social disruption was easier for buyers than supermarkets.

” Annoying ”

Any security measures taken by the government to make the market work as a farmer, such as a mandatory QR code scan, may require the market to hire workers, which sellers are expected to cover.

The lock was hit at a better time last year as the season drew to a close.

The season began as this lock, heat, and production began to grow.

His “biggest concern” was to move to another lock during the peak period from October to December, when the production of another eight lines was being harvested.

That’s when we get into it … This is a very bad situation.

During the peak season, an online shipping platform will be launched to sell the product if there is another lock.

“Hopefully, it won’t happen. ”

At that time, he found strawberries, which he hoped would appeal to buyers and help change other production lines.

Small businesses in the market were buzzing with the idea of ​​using an online platform, so buyers could find a box displaying the product on the door.

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