Nonprofit gardening combines community building

COLORADO SPRINGS – For the past one-and-a-half years, people with long-term educational backgrounds have begun their efforts in agricultural education and are bringing the community to the forefront in gardening. The hope is to connect more people to the land and to others.

Sustainable Learning Experience (SEE) has been on paper for the past five or more years, but it really started moving forward rapidly in early 2020.

A non-profit organization builds an open garden for anyone who wants to volunteer to learn or collect their own produce.

SEE aims to provide hands-on, hands-on learning in topics related to food production, sustainable livelihoods, environmental ecology and overall system design and crafts. Relationships with our large garden and local experts.

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View reports every 20 weeks for visitors looking for hands-on learning experiences among volunteers working in their local garden or for local residents who appear to participate in a special selection and pay system. Gob visitors come on Mondays and Thursdays to pick vegetables from the garden and pay through the gift system.

SEE wants to encourage children and adults in the Colorado Springs area to have hands-on learning opportunities for home, community and local administrators and responsible community members. SEE provides education and demonstrations on environmental food production and conservation, ecology and general system design, industrial and cultural arts, and sustainable habitat.

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As the nonprofit continues to thrive, its purpose is to offer a wide range of courses in food preparation, equipment renovation, and other related fields.

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