Norris Garden Club with “Make My Music”

NORRISTOWN – Listen as you walk down the garden path. Listen carefully, as you may hear the symphony of flowers and shrubs passing by.

At the very least, members of the Norrest Garden Garden look forward to the latest Norrest Garden Garden Flower Show on September 25, 2021 at Forge Avenue, Central Schweinfeldder Church in London. This year’s theme is “Make My Music” and is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

It was based on the theme “Earth Has Music for Those Who Listen.”

A.D. Ever since he began his career on the streets of Norrestston (Bert Slingluff Harry’s home) in Sweden, he has had a clear mission to promote interest in floral culture by exchanging ideas, seeds, plants, and bulbs for the Norcyste Garden Club. ”The very first Garden Club Flower Show at Norresto High School (then on Oak and Dekalb Streets). People get married, free of charge. That practice continues today.

According to former President Jill Evans, NGC members are committed to the traditions and mission of their founders, and each flower show is an extension of those goals.

“Flower fairs are designed to stimulate interest and educate our members and the audience on horticulture and floral design,” said Evans. To make them enjoy growing and showing. They also provide an exit for creative expression.

We (NGC) as well as National Garden Clubs, Inc. We want to announce our goals and objectives. Examples of these could be pollen and the use of native plants that promote the love of garden and flower design, as well as civic and environmental responsibility. And no artificial, endangered or invasive plant material can be used anywhere in any flower show.

This year’s show in particular should inspire the participants, Evans said.

“There is a way out for creative expression,” says Evans. “This year we have six flower showrooms and one in the floral arts room with finger tap music.

Karen Nemet, who co-hosted the event with Dby Mazur, said it will take a lot of work to make it a success. And since the outbreak prevented the club from performing last year, this year’s event will make up for lost time.

Planning a flower show for the NCC is always a team effort by our talented members of the club, Nmet said. “There is a lot of thought and preparation going on to make this one-day event memorable. We invite the public to participate in each show. To enjoy the beauty of our gardens as well as the artistic skills used in creating floral and handicraft designs. We missed out on last year’s flower show and hope to have a wonderful September 25th.

According to the NGC website, it boasts more than 200 members and is the largest garden club in the region. In addition to presentations at regular meetings, NGCC conducts handicraft programs for members and school teams in horticulture design. Visit for more information about membership and the club’s scholarship program at Norristo Garden Club.


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