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Benson, NC – The North Carolina SweetPotato Commission (NCSPC) has named FullTilt Marketing its local agency for marketing and public relations. FullTilt Marketing is a boutique marketing agency dedicated to delivering new products, specialty foods and full-service capabilities in agriculture.

When NCSPC plans to turn the calendar page into 2021 and celebrate 60Th Annual festivities sought new beginnings and ideas through agencies across the country. Finally, with its emphasis on the breadth and breadth of knowledge in food and fresh produce and the people who make it, FullTilt Marketing stands out among many competent and well-known agencies: Farmers, Harvester, Packaging, Manufacturers And the souls behind the scenes.

Manages FullTilt Marketing Marketing, Public Relations, Business & Consumer Advertising, Graphic Design, Digital, Social Media as well as Influential Involvement, Retail Food Programs and Experience Exchange Efforts.

“We are thrilled to have FullTilt as our partner as we begin this important holiday season,” said NCSPC Executive Director Michel Granger. “It is very important to have a creative day in your heart that is as passionate as their product and message, and that brings new, bold ideas with a purpose that we can accomplish well. Together – and this is what we found in FullTilt.

FullTilt Marketing has a rich history of working with products in and out of products as well as product boards. Working with NCCC, Melinda Goodman, co-founder and owner, and Jane Velasquez, director of marketing, both talk about sweets and are eager to tell the stories of the people behind the one-word superfood event.

“We can be creative and smart, but first and foremost we need to be strategic,” Goodman said. We come to work with NCSPC with the same mindset in all of our customer relationships – we care about their brand and business and all our actions should focus on ROI, so we treat it and expect it to be the happiest one to help them plan for the next 60 years or more.

This season’s campaign and holiday season is already in full swing, with a number of celebrities chanting, including some gold medal content for the Olympics.

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About the North Carolina Sweetpotato Commission A.D. Founded in 1961, the North Carolina SweetPotato Commission is a non-profit corporation with more than 400 sweet spot producers, with supportive packaging and business partners. NCSPC is committed to supporting its farmers and increasing their consumption of sweeteners through education, promotional activities, research and honor gardening among its producers.

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