Now is the time to get your home and garden ready for winter

Harvest begins this month and is filled with colorful, fallen leaves, soft sunlight and gradually fading summer flowers and harvests.

While the weather is dry and hot, the time for any projects that have been discontinued during the summer, even those big projects, is now.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

• Clean common rage. Set aside weekends, collect large bags or boxes and, if necessary, order a rubbish bin, then wear your favorite music. If you can’t bear to work alone, exchange favors with your friend or hire someone to help you.

Take out everything collected on time and evaluate whether it is appropriate to keep it. If not, donate, sell or throw away. It is liberating.

To include outdoor furniture, toys, or bicycles, consider adding a garage attic to these items that you can’t separate or buy or buy.

If the common denominator does not need to be cleaned, there may be a need to collect items that are not visible in the house. No matter where you are, test yourself to clean it. After that, you will feel good about him.

• Check your roof for broken tiles or damaged urine. While you are there, if you are not protected by a leaf guard, you may want to clean the drains.

• Finish any drawing project, home decor, interior or piece of furniture before any rain falls.

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Set aside some time to clean your garage.

• Check your fence line. Make sure the posts and boards are strong enough to withstand the winter storms so you can easily breathe when the next person appears.

• Consider catching rainwater in barrels or pools this summer. According to the Marin Municipal Water District, “One inch of rain per 1,000 square feet of roof will produce 600 gallons of irrigation.” Check out the Water Collection Reduction Program on the MMWD website.

• Hire a chimney to inspect and clean the chimney. Cleansing is generally affordable and important for your peace of mind.

• Clean and store items for summer recreation such as swimming pools, umbrellas, pillows, beach chairs and towels, and barbecues.

• Falling is a good time to inspect and clean large appliances such as stoves and dryers. A craftsman can do this if he cannot.

• George: As the weather changes, so does the garden. Over the next few months, when you visit your local nursery, look forward to a great time of year to grow your garden.

Place them in beautiful pots next to the stairs or door for a warm welcome. They also add color punches when added to a garden bed or when tall plants are used as root canals. Remember, they grow up in a timely manner.

• Upgrade your carpet, even if necessary.

• Check the health and structure of the trees in your landscape. If they do not look healthy, or the branches look dangerous or you want to be thin, hire a pastoralist if it is not safe for you to take care of yourself. They are not worried about the next hurricane.

Photo by Elizabeth Jardina

Look for great seasonal flowers to grow your garden.

• Fall is perfect for planting spring flower bulbs. If you see a lot of them in the garden centers, plant them in bulk in the garden for best results.

If you like the look of forced amerlis or narcissus during the holidays, store them when you see them.

• Maintain habits such as fertilizer, weeding and spraying to maintain a healthy landscape.

• Learn from professionals and be inspired this fall. Join a garden club or take part in physical or virtual classes offered by local kindergartens and organizations.

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