NZ pumpkin milk to hit the shelves in Asia

In collaboration with Hawk Bay Company and the Ministry of Major Industries (MPI), New Zealand has exported unique plant-based milk to Asia.

Made from New Zealand’s Kabochamilk Pumpkin Growing Cabbage, Kabochamilk is produced by Nemanman, a New Zealand pumpkin producer from Hawk Bay, and Sachi Numera: The brain behind the famous ff and avocodomil, award-winning plant-based milk.

MPI has donated more than $ 95,000 through the Sustainable Food and Fiber Future Fund (SFF Futures) to develop, produce and market attractive shelf-stable cowboy milk recipes for consumers in Japan, Korea, China and beyond.

Plant milk uses the exported label-3 fruit, otherwise it produces a more valuable product from waste.

“We are thrilled to have a new opportunity for the New Zealand coffee industry,” Newman said.

New Zealand is one of the largest exports of cabbage to Japan and Korea. Newman and his family have established a new horticultural business for more than 40 years, moving into strong distribution and retail channels.

The growth and production history of cabbage in New Zealand is an important part of the brand.

“New Zealand farmers have a high level of trust among consumers, so we emphasize the history of product development in our markets,” Newman said.

Market feedback was already very positive from product concept, taste, to brand.

Kabochamilk has become a simple and delicious way to promote healthy foods into the family diet as a daily ‘dairy alternative’ product.

According to Steve Penno, Director of Investment Programs at MPI, Cabocha Milk Co. is providing valuable employment opportunities in the New Zealand food sector. “These opportunities will only continue to grow as the company expands. This product tells a positive story about New Zealand’s development, which is very important to our reputation. ”

“It is also an innovative way to produce more value and value for our producers than abundant produce. Currently, about 10-15% of the cabbage grown in New Zealand is used for food.

We are proud to be a part of this story through SFF Futures.

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