Oklahoma’s made vegetable garden dava products add to the beauty of your home and garden

The Paradise Deva metal trees are a great way to decorate your home for Christmas.

Courtesy, Vegetable Deva

Garden Deva products bring their products to your home this festive season.

For more than two decades, Garden Deva – founded by Tulsa artist Lisa Reagan – has provided unique metalwork for homes and gardens throughout Oklahoma. Since Reagan’s retirement in 2017, new owners Carry and Bobby Babcock have continued Reagan’s vision by creating in-house metalworking, teaching metalworking, and hosting art markets in Third and Peoria.

Vegetation Deva regularly hosts themed exhibitions featuring craftsmen and other local artists. This summer, the Deva Vegetable Deva team will be turning the gallery into a certified winter wonderland to show off its “Narnia-inspired” production line during the holiday season.

Deva 4.jpg

All garden Deva metal works were made at home in the Third and Peoria shops.

Courtesy, Vegetable Deva

“We have a very funny style and we want to put a smile on the face of everyone who comes to our store,” said Carrie Babcock. “We want to make our galleries an experience for anyone who comes, so we create interactive and immersive themes for our guests. We try to provide a creative experience for anyone who comes to the store and wants to take that to their own garden.”

All Vegetable Deva products – garden sculptures, garden poles, trailers, fireplaces, house figures, custom work and more – are home-made by skilled designers and factories. For those who want to learn how to make their own sculptures, Garden Deva offers rooms with different levels.

Bobby Babcock “We have a beginner metalworking section where you can learn how to take a piece of metal paper, cut something out of it and learn how to make your own garden deva sculpture.” “People have their home numbers for their new home and the breeze – we have all made beautiful jewelry. We also have a middle class, which is the side of integration and completion. We have a great time being able to introduce people to how we create things and the process behind it.

Carrie Babcock says the holiday season is the busiest time of the year for the Vegetable Deva team.

Deva 1.jpg

Decorations from Paradise Deva make a great gift for the holiday season.

Courtesy, Vegetable Deva

“The holidays are our favorite time of the year,” said Carrie Babcock. “This year, we will have a very ‘Starry Night’, a wonderful land, a ‘Narnia-style’ production line. We make Christmas decorations, small metal Christmas trees and general holiday vintage – we will have a Christmas village that you can place on your garden or in your garden, with wild animals such as deer, foxes and owls. And so do the moons, stars, and clouds for the celestial theme.

“Garden Deva products give a great gift to your friends and loved ones,” said Bobby Babcock.

“Nobody knows what he does,” Bobby Babcock said. “Our products are great and make your home a little more fun and exciting. Life sometimes turns out to be ordinary, but when you have something a little sticky, it makes your day brighter.

“In many ways we represent Tulsa to many people,” said Carrie Babcock. “This year is a great way to have a little Tulsa in your gift, especially if you are sending gifts to friends and family who do not live in Tulsa. It is a way for us to share Tulsa’s small business love wherever you give.”

Deva 2.jpg

Offer jewelry to friends and family from outside the city during this holiday season.

Courtesy, Vegetable Deva

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“In many ways we represent Tulsa to many people … Wherever you give a gift, it is a way of sharing Tulsan’s little love.” -Cari Babcock

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