On camera, a man attacks a female advocate in Karnataka; caught up

In the video, no one comes to the rescue even after her husband asks for help during the attack.

A female activist has been brutally assaulted by a neighbor over a property dispute on the streets of Bagalcote town, the news agency reported. In a video widely circulated online, Mahantesh Cholachagud is seen slapping her neighbor Sangeta Shikerry.

The attack took place on Saturday afternoon around 12 noon. She went to the Mantesh shop and they got into an argument and the situation worsened when the man started attacking Sangeta.

Even when her husband asked for help, no one was able to save her.

Sharing the video, Karnataka Legislative Assembly leader Hariprasad BK called on police to arrest the accused immediately. Citing the victim, the congressional leader said the man had attacked his lawyer “with the support of the BJP leader.”

According to ANI, the Mahantesh and Sangeta families have fought in the past.

Mahansh is accused of sexually assaulting women. Defendant was a photographer at the University of Horticultural Sciences in Navana, Bagalcot, ANI reported.

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