On gardening – Soprano’s impatient shade will be a performance for your garden

The biggest surprise in Guy’s experiment this year was Soprano’s impatience. I can’t remember the last time I planted what we call impatient bed bugs. I’m sure I had dark hair and I still helped the children with homework. I mean, only St. Wow.

If you forget about impatience, these plants will give your shade a unique color. I testify that sopranos can tolerate the sun more than I ever imagined. And we had more rain than I ever knew.

Coming from proven winners, Soprano’s impatience will make its debut in 2022 and is available in four colors – bright red, orange, violet shades and white. They reach a height of about 15 inches.

You may think that a plant that grows in the shade or that is exposed to light may have special needs. In this regard, it is zero, zip, Nada. This year there were some very careless plants in my garden.

He did not expect the patient to be attracted to pollen, but I visited swallowing butterflies, and now the large, cloudless squirrels found just that. As the season progresses, I expect the hummingbird to begin sampling.

If you are like me, this kind of impatience may have been around for 20 years or more. Just as you would in the heat and humidity of a long summer, only the hard clay could protect you from the green thumb. If this is your situation, add organic matter to your soil or plant it on mixed beds such as commercial land.

There is a generation or two of gardeners who are impatient with bed bugs and may be thinking about landscaping partnerships and election alliances. If so, enjoy this. If you are a host, you cannot choose a display partner.

Instead of planting single colors, Garden Guy decided to create tiny blends. When I think back to April when I was planted, I don’t remember why I chose it. Maybe I had poor memories of the 90’s. I shared Soprano Violet shades and Soprano oranges together. Every time I see them, they bring joy.

I used to mix soprano with rocky golden sweet pineapple sage and mophead hydrangeas with blue flowers for me. I also used impatient Shadowland Autumn Frost hostas and straight aloe vera elephant ears.

I used soprano orange and bright red together to create another small mix. This is the place where the Santa Fe or Chilean resorts are hung in jewels. I used to be close to the brick wall and close to the heart from the heart.

The soil here was already a mixture of gravel and lime and was excellent.

In the courtyard, I used Soprano Violet shades and Soprano White in collaboration with Crested Surf Japanese Color Fern and various azaleas. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” Suddenly, those shadows are no longer visible.

Next year will be simply amazing with all the new plants.

If you have shadows, then in any way increase Soprano’s impatient list. You will have color all summer long.

Norman Winter, gardener, gardener and author of “Flowers for Hard Nails” and “Beautiful” Compounds: Color and style in the garden. Follow him on Facebook @NormanWinter TheGardenGuy.

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