On his first visit to New York State, Hochul honors highway workers as governor

GEDES, New York – Gov. Kathy Hochul took over the state’s top office on Tuesday, making her first trip to the Syracuse area to the New York State Fair.

She spent a few hours on the playground, standing at the New York State Police Memorial, purchasing a maple-flavored fancott and sipping maple candy. A few people stopped her during the visit, but they were happy that she was the first female governor of the region.

“Oh!” Diane Torres, a resident of Syracuse, shouted as the regime stopped the exhibition for the disabled. “New York’s first female ruler,” said Torrence in a photo with Hochul.

The governor: On the sixth day at work, he talked about the buffalo accounts, the New York State Police puppies and horses, and drank 25 cups of milk.

Hochul began his visit today in honor of the dying highway workers.

When Hochul arrived at the fair, she was greeted by Sally Deming, who was married to Ron. He died in 2016 while working on Troway in New York State.

“Sally, I want to thank you for being here,” he said. “I know this should be a point of pain for your family.

The governor said 56 New York City employees were killed while working on the road. Today, Demings thanked the families of those who died while working on the highways and became the champions of the families of the highway and troupe workers.

“Those views on security have changed,” says the governor. She also thanked the staff, nurses and teachers from all over the country, including law enforcement and food vendors, for their work during the cholera epidemic.

Hochul also urged drivers to slow down and move around the construction site. “We are here together,” she said.

Her state visit began at 10:45 am, and she sometimes used a golf cart to transport zip from one place to another.

New York Governor Kathy Hohlul will ride a golf cart driven by government justice director Troy Waffner on Sunday, August 29. (Don Cassentre)

She first stopped at the New York State Police Exhibition. “Meet the new ruler”

In the morning, people would occasionally call her Kathy, before they corrected themselves and referred to themselves as ghouls.

Helen Thomas screams and then hugs Hulls at a maple plant in New York State. Thomas could not recall that he had visited a governor’s exhibition.

Thomas said, “Kathy has come here many times,” and then quickly added, “Go. Hochul is here in her former life. ”

Both women are from New York. “I have met her many, many times,” said Thomas. “She is happy. I am very happy that she is the ruler. ”

At 11 a.m., she greeted Robinson, a former Syracuse joint consultant and local NAACP head, in the Van Robinson Pan African Village.

“Van, it’s amazing to see you!” he said.

Robinson, who was named village in 2018, said he had high hopes for the new governor.

“First of all, it is wonderful to have our first female governor,” he said. “I know she has two big things to look out for. The Covenant epidemic is indeed working to rebuild our economy in New York State. From what I’ve seen so far, I think she’s on the right track. ”

John Hort, who works in a Pan-African village, is a short drummer for African drumming.

Governor Kathy Hochul at the New State Fair

New York Governor Kathy Hohlul sits with drummer John Herd for small school in Pan-African Village at the 2021 NY State Fair. (Don Cassentre)

She then stopped at the dairy building for 25 cents a cup of milk and this year’s monument. She chose chocolate milk over strawberries.

And a sausage sandwich for her? It was Basilio’s election link. Paul Basilio, one of New York’s most famous Italian sausages for 61 years and a longtime performer at the New York State Fair, died last year alone.

“It’s amazing,” she said as she halved the sandwich she shared with her husband, William. They are joined by State Center John Manion, state chairmen Al Stripe and Bill Magnareli, and former Syracuse mayor Matt Driscol, now general manager of Thruway.

At a regional festival, a reporter asked if she would like basilio sausage. She said she would never choose one. “I’m not going there,” she said.

The ruler eats sausage

New York Governor Kathy Hohlul holds a soup sandwich in a row at Basilio Restaurant. Charlie Miller | cmiller@syracuse.com

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Reporter Don Kazenterre contributed to this report.

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