On the JK delivery mission, the Union Agriculture Ministers will meet with farmers in Sirinagar

Cooperative Minister of Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar (Photo / Annie)

Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) [India]September 9 (AP) – Announcing the center’s notification program for Jammu and Kashmir, Union Minister for Agriculture Narendra Sin Tommar and her two deputies, Kailash Chudhari and Shobha Karandalaje, visited the state on Thursday and met with farmers, agricultural scientists and other stakeholders. Regarding various charitable actions and policies.

Speaking to reporters here, Thomas said: “We have also visited the Institute of Agricultural Research (IAR) of India and participated in various programs. Thanks to the efforts of the Horticulture Department, the fruit and vegetable sector has shown good growth in the valley. ”

“It’s good to see that the young man is involved in agriculture and the central government wants to support them and develop Kashmir more,” Tommar said.

“We are one of the world’s leading agricultural producers,” he said. The center has decided that our policies should focus on farmers’ income, because Prime Minister Modi said the center and the states should work with farmers. Their income in 2022.

Speaking to farmers, apple farmers and horticulturists at the Zurara Sirinagar Center of Excellence, Thomas said the region is an important part of the country and will stand shoulder to shoulder with the country’s growth and development.

Considering the initiative taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi since he came to power, a number of initiatives have been implemented across the country for the safety of farmers, and there have been significant changes on the ground.

He thanked the JK administration and Lt. Gen. Mano Sinha, who said the region had suffered from development problems due to some problems, but with the untreated efforts of Prime Minister Modi, JK was making progress and was playing its part in the country’s development. .

“The JK team is doing well, especially under the leadership of LG Sinha. Sinha is a visionary leader and the JK people are fortunate to have such a leader, ”said Tommar.

Tommer assured farmers and farmers in Kashmir that the central government was with them on all fronts and that in the coming days they would see a new and dynamic J&K and that the farmers would be connected to large-scale infrastructure through agri-infrastructure funds.

The ministers also visited the ICAR-Central Horticulture Institute (CITH) in the Ranging Old Air.

He said there is a great potential to strengthen Apple’s gardening system under the high-density plant (HDP), which produces new varieties with better color, aroma, shelf life, shape, etc. for better consumer acceptance and market demand. He said ICAR-CITH Srinagar has become a technology hub in tropical crops and the number of farmers connected to CITH is increasing day by day.

Union Minister Tomar and two regional states, Chuhari and Karandlaje, planted seedlings of several different fruit trees at the ICAR-CIH compound. The Minister of Agriculture also inaugurated a technology park and inspected various varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Tom also launched Grammy Ma’sam Sewa (GKMS) e-learning to help farmers develop weather advice.

The three central ministers, who are scheduled to remain in the union state until September 11, will visit agricultural universities in Jammu and Kashmir and meet with various sections of the population.

During the visit, the three ministers will hold detailed meetings with mayors and chairpersons of various municipal corporation committees, sources said. (ANI)

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