On the way to support more seasonal harvest workers

Victoria’s agricultural businesses will benefit from increasing their current workforce, with the Victorian government extending the neutral route to an additional 1,500 Pacific workers.

Agriculture Minister Mary-Ann Thomas today announced a new agreement to continue subsidized and interest-based neutrality. Current Staff Program And Pacific Labor Plan.

The new agreement extends the government’s $ 7.8 million package and topography to the Tasmanian government, giving the industry an independent way to bring in up to 1,500 Pacific workers.

So far, more than 1,460 Pacific workers have joined forces to support the Victorian agricultural industry, and work is underway with employers and the governments of Tasmania and the Commonwealth to organize further flight plans in the coming months.

This flight schedule will be based on requests from authorized employers who are responsible for arranging flights in accordance with Commonwealth plans.

As negotiations continue with Tasmania over long-term preparations, the new agreement will extend the neutrality path. The industry will continue to contribute $ 2,000 per worker for independent expenses, and the government will provide $ 5,300 per worker.

These Pacific workers are an important part of the harvest by bringing skills and experience to strengthen the local workforce during times of overcrowding.

The government continues to provide $ 76 million in general support to the agricultural industry to address the human resource challenges posed by the cholera epidemic.

$ 6 million Current Manpower Landing Program And $ 1 million Current Manpower Industry Support Program They are supporting the industry to develop more workers’ shelters on farms, create more manpower transport and support services, and run businesses to COVIDSafe.

Of Seasonal harvest entry bonus It is attracting job seekers to horticulture. So far, more than 3,100 people have received their first $ 810 bonus, and more than 1,800 people have received a total of $ 2,430 for eight weeks of work.

These programs remove barriers that prevent local workers from starting work in agriculture, and support the industry to attract and retain more local workers in the future harvest.

As stated by Victoria Minister of Agriculture Mary-Ann Thomas

We know that these workers are an integral part of the current workforce and we are pleased to continue our work with the Government of Tasmania to extend this neutral path to workers.

We are supporting Victoria’s $ 3.6 billion horticultural industry to build a more sustainable, reliable and environmentally friendly workforce than any other group of workers and for the future harvest.

Tasmanian Primary Industries Minister Guy Barnett said

We welcome the continuation of this neutral initiative with Victoria, which will enable us to prioritize Pacific workers to support the Tasmanian agricultural industry.

As we continue to encourage local workers, seasonal workers will help fill in the gaps during our peak season.

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