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When I was younger, gardening was a better place to treat one person with figs and some English breakfast tea. Search for begonias Saturday.

The gardens were much smaller than the park, and neither I nor any of my friends spent time as adults.

But mine, how times have changed: A recent study from Draper Tools found that 83 percent of the 2,000 people between the ages of 18-34 were “cool”. In addition, although large recreation areas are set to reopen soon, more than half (53 percent) of those surveyed said that they would rather spend time in the garden than spend the night at home. The stabilizing mist of watering plants seems to be more attractive than regular spraying systems above the floor.

There is no change only in the main market, but in the supply side. Go to the National Trust, and the magnificent cafes are still connected to spacious retail outlets, where you can see cabbage and decorated bird baths from Lavan shrubs – but in their heart there is a new hip-hop garden and herb shop. Tea and cake are still on offer, but of course – but so is a healthy and seasonal cafe menu with locally sourced ingredients. Only the young and beautiful right side to make the staff ground and easy to approach. Plant shelves – housed in clear concrete and bold, shiny ceramic pots – are written by a friendly, more popular monk and caregiver in a third person – “He loves bright, indirect sunlight” – rather than in personalized and incomprehensible graphics.

“We are trying to get rid of Latin – the language of the traditional vegetable market” ( 500 percent increase in sales since the outbreak.

“The nicknames we give our plants are not only more memorable and well-known, but plant owners also tend to name their own plants — for example, Sansevieria, also known as the mother tongue, Susi. General Manager Amat. ”

Space is also a factor. Over the past few years, garden centers – often inspired by the first hippus plant cleanser, Petersham caregivers – have spread their green leaves from suburban and rural areas to urban areas, railroad arches, old shops, and used concrete slides. The contrast between carved bricks or raw concrete, on the one hand, and the sliding of towels, on the roofs of Montera and the politically combustible calcite, on the other hand, is unbearable for modern beauty. He is also Instagrammable – a gardener and home gardener who has sex with a young consumer – with about 7 million ‘indoor’ labels on the photo-sharing platform.

According to James Young, non-profit director of the non-profit forest, which was created during the epidemic to commemorate those who lost their lives in VV-19 by planting trees in their memoirs, television also plays a role. “Young people need inspiration from the media,” he says, and in recent years cultural and old-school activities have become the focus of television programs, from bakery to clay, paving the way for them to embrace the hobbies of thousands of years ago. WI and Retirement Domain. In horticulture and horticulture, he reminds us, of course, that “the healing effects of trees, plants and nature on our well-being” are increasing – more important than ever last year.

London Gardener, London

Contrary to the Nunde station in south-east London, overcrowded land is now shrubs, ferns and trees, filled with amazing pots and vegetables.


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