One person – gardening is ‘political’ Irish famous gardener

Diarmed Gavin is a world-renowned gardener who won gold at the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show. He has designed numerous gardens throughout Ireland, England, Europe, China, and Africa. Appointed lawyer International Plant Health Year (IYPH) * UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Mr. Gavin before the United Nations World Bee Day About bees, nobles, and actually descending to earth.

We are not just a garden for ourselves, but for the whole ecosystem. ”

United Nations Belgium

Darmid Gavin has been named the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Advocate for the International Year of Plant Health.

“We don’t have food without pollen, it’s so easy. If we continue to pour phosphorus and nitrate into the ground to produce high yields, we will deplete the earth’s natural resources. We have to protect the whole ecosystem and that really starts with our gardens.

We are not only gardening for ourselves, but for the whole ecology. The good news is that people are getting the message, the local government is getting the message, and people understand that simple wildflowers are open to bees to collect pollen.

We must realize that gardening is not the style of housekeeping of the 1950s. Not about perfect green lawns. The humble dandelion is a pollen supplier.

Do not believe the advertisements of the chemical companies; Ask, ‘What do insects and bees need?’ Let’s think about it. And maybe in a slightly unusual way to create gardens.

Robbery of distant lands

There is a lot of injustice in gardening and a lot of ‘social gardening’ is associated with traditional efforts and high orders. It takes a while to break it down.

The history of British landscaping gardens has a long tradition of nobility since Charles 1. It is difficult to break free of this noble heritage from the challenges of our current social realities, but this is a challenge that we must overcome.

Many remote lands have been plundered for truly beautiful plants for the use of large orphanages and genealogies. I think we have to agree to that and bring BLM to us. George Floyd (African American who was killed by a police officer in 2020) People are bringing equality to all walks of life and gardening is no exception.

I think it will have an amazing effect on shows at institutions like the Royal Horticulture Society (Chelsea Flower Show), and I think this amazing result is just around the corner.

George Floyd, an American, was arrested after being arrested by US police.

United News / Daniel Dickinson

George Floyd, an American, was arrested after being arrested by US police.

We need to think about gardening in general. I am fortunate to travel around the world, caring for gardens, and caring for soil, soil health and climate.

But traveling Westerners can do a lot of damage. I was in Italy last year and I saw hundreds of miles of olive trees damaged by the xylella fastidiosa virus and it caused damage to olive oil production. If someone returned to Ireland with that fungal infection, destruction would ensue.

Natural magic

We are all going through difficult times right now and we are fleeing to a garden where most gardening is repetitive – like weeding, watering, planting and planting – it takes your mind off everything else.

Gardening is inherently promising and asks, ‘What will I do next year, what will it look like this year?’ And it is wonderful.

Satisfaction with seeing new growth, new energy, new life, is the magic of nature.

And if we don’t want quiet places where birds do not sing and there are no trees, we must take care of all the surrounding areas.

The garden reveals “the magic of nature.”


The garden reveals “the magic of nature.”

International Plant Health Year

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) ‘s International Planetary Health Year (extended to July 2021) provides an important opportunity to raise global awareness of how plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, boost economic growth and protect the environment.
  • These plant health benefits serve as the basis for IYPH’s six central messages: Zero Hunger and Healthy Plants to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Be careful when crossing borders and bringing in plants and plant products; Ensure trade in plant and plant products in compliance with international plant health standards, and keep plants healthy while protecting the environment; Invest in plant health capacity building, research and access; Strengthen monitoring and early warning systems to protect plants and plants.

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