Onekama resident has been nominated for the Michigan Garden Club Award

Onekama Mary Reed, Michigan Garden Club is the Nominee Award.

Reed Since joining Lake Portge Garden Club in 2004, he has shown interest and commitment to the club and the larger Lake Portge community in respect, civic development, education, horticulture, horticulture, landscape design and youth activities. She is a highly certified gardener.

Reed was featured in Traver magazine for the 2018 harvest season for her volunteer work on environmental issues. The article focuses on Reed’s “Lifelong Collection, Listening, and Community Support.”

Although Reed has many leadership roles in the garden club, she is known as the chair of the Environmental Protection Agency. For 12 years, until 2008, she taught the club and the community about deforestation reduction, wetlands conservation, and the local aquatic ecosystem.

“Mary Reed’s list of accomplishments is extensive and she has made significant contributions to Onekama, Portage Lake and Manistee County,” says a report from Merit Lake Lake. However, almost everyone agrees that his volunteer work with the Portage Lake Watershed Forever Council (PLWFC) has had a significant impact.

Reed He has served on the PLWFC since its inception in 2006 and has been chairman for seven years. Its ability to bring together groups such as PLWFC, Manistee County Conservation District, Manistee Planning Department, Onekama Township and Village, Manistee County Community Foundation and Portage Lake Garden Club has yielded all-encompassing local achievements.

Under her leadership, more than two acres[40 ha]of wet land was purchased on Lake Porge and protected by the Onamama City Administration. Onekama Township received three years of rainwater management (2018-2020). Onekama Township has an invasive species management plan.

PLWFC has updated its Ten Year Basin Management Plan (2019-2029). The plan is approved by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the US Environmental Protection Agency (USPA).

“Mary Reed’s efforts at Lake Porge Garden Club and PLWFC have enhanced the beauty and health of Lake Portge,” the statement said.

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