Only 11% of recycled water used in green belts, parks | Chandigarh News – Indian Times

Guragegra-Grumgram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMAA) is stepping up its efforts to use only recycled sewage water to repair green belts and parks in the city.
Currently, the city’s five sewage treatment plants produce 223 million gallons[223 million L]of water per day. Of this, only 103 MDL (46%) will be used in the horticulture, irrigation, textile industry and construction, according to GMA officials. This includes 25 MLD or 11.2% of the total recycled water for horticultural purposes. The rest is released into the sewers.
According to officials, GMAA CEO Sudir Rajapal emphasized the need for more water to be used to protect the city’s green areas, and at a meeting earlier this week, he led officials in this regard.
Currently, two of the three parks under Metropolitan authority use recycled water, and drinking water is used in the Davy Lal Park. “The only reason clean water is used to protect that park is because there is no access to recycled water. A senior GMDA official says it is now licensed to establish this connection and once it is expanded, reused water will be used.”
Green belts in the city are being protected from recycled water, and officials say they will be transported to the area using tanks filled with GMDA sewage treatment plants (STPs). Now, however, the authority is working to install water reservoirs on the green belts around Gurage.
“The bid has been planned and estimates have been made for the project. We will take side connections to the main sewer line connected to the STPs and install hydraulics in the green belts.
Officials said GMAA, in collaboration with the Guragegeon Municipal Corporation (MCCG), is working to rehabilitate the rear green belts, parks and community centers using recycled water.
“We plan to build bridges wherever the GMAA Master Lines are laid, which will enable the corporation to maintain parks, ponds, green belts and community centers using recycled water,” he said.



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