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Each year, the smart team at the Paradise Media Group compiles a garden trends report, and this year’s feature shows how customers describe gardening in 2022 and beyond.

“Trends help consumers choose the plants, products or services they want,” said Kathy Dubou, president of Vegetable Media Group. “Trends drive new business, product, service or customer experience. And trends can breathe new life into your existing business.

Here are some of the trends that Dubo and her team found. Find the full report at

Indigenous people

Buying domestic affairs for the modern consumer, as well as buying a “small business”, companies with only a few employees (sometimes only one) are small businesses.

“When we see an increase in ethical costs, they allow us to buy our micro-business values. Half of the Gen Z (53%) and Millennium (49%) consumers want to reduce their Amazon purchases and all generations will feel guilty for buying there,” the report said.

GMG suggests working with micro-businesses in your community, both physically and online.

“Buy the store a little, buy local mail. We know that 50% to 60% of every dollar spent in the country will be spent domestically through taxes, wages, supplies, etc.”

Stay tuned to the new gardeners

Pundits predict that most gardeners we inherited during the outbreak will stick to their new hobby. “According to McKinsey ‘Stickiness Test.” [the McKinsey Global Institute]About 75% of the new gardeners will continue to grow after the outbreak, ”the report said.

“The best way to build a bridge to make these fast-growing gardeners lifelong gardeners” is to start by building a solid foundation made of both tools and information.

The current herbalist GMG calls them “backyard lovers,” for food, wildlife, and stress relief. “Men and women are equal, but men under the age of 35 have significantly increased their participation,” the report said.

To help overcome that gap, Dubow et al. 15 to 60 seconds “educational and funny videos” to meet new gardeners. “Provide basic, accessible content on Facebook and Instagram and try it out with Tikitock and Radio.”

Beyond e-commerce

Consumers are joking about e-commerce and entertainment, this trend is merchandise (think buy video).

“The ability to buy online videos using social and shopping mixes like Shopify or Shoppertainment was born.”

Large brands such as Nordstrom and Walmart are embracing the concept of shopping.

According to the report, retail e-commerce sales in the United States could reach 4.3% or $ 36.09 billion by 2022.

And the future will be a mix of “virtual and physical” green industry has the opportunity to connect with seminars, classes and information online while driving sales. ሰዎች In the waiting room and in the garden, people accept comfort and privacy.

Gardening for wildlife

According to GMG, 67.2 million households bought at least one plant by 2020 because of the use of pollen or poultry by 2020.

The National Wildlife Federation has launched a park for a wildlife collection of indigenous plants. These species “attract the insects that feed on 96% of the garden bird species.”

Hot selections

Have you ever considered growing cut flowers? A.D. Sales of cut flowers in the United States reached $ 6.5 billion by 2020, and sales by 2021 are already up 9.8% from 2020, according to the Commodity Marketing Association and the report.

“The growth is partly due to the growth of the Tick Talk Design units, the big floral battle over Netflix and the full growth of HBC Max.”

If you want to be more persuasive, the National Association of Gardeners, who do not consider themselves gardeners, had the second highest cost of cut flowers at $ 71.51.

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