Ordinary gardener – on the right course

When it comes to gardening, every day is a school day – the more you learn, the better you will be. But instead of being an obstacle, this is one of the key attractions for gardening, because it always has to find something new and new knowledge.

The Internet and the ever-increasing number of garden books mean that expert information is now more freely available than ever before, however, it is difficult to overcome learning directly from an expert. While some may have the right to develop their horticultural skills for the first time with a regular gardener, the easiest way to expand your knowledge is through a gardening course, even if they have qualifications or formal education.

For the past 35 years, Castlewellan man Sean McAlinden has had the experience of presenting both types – and everything in between. In the future, he will share his wealth of knowledge in three different ‘recreational gardens’ classes at the Southeast Regional College (Circus) campuses in Down Patrick, Balina and St. Wood.

Sean’s course with Circle full-time horticultural educator Claire Dunwood is designed for beginners and experienced gardeners, ranging from general instruction to specialist subjects and internationally recognized RSS standards. It is a promising approach in the Northern Regional Colleges.

“Education does not stop at gardening – be it a garden for your happiness, grow your own garden, if your garden is in line with your lifestyle, or if you want to develop your skills and knowledge in the field of horticulture, there really is something. To everyone in the circle, ”says Claire.

The wonderful thing about gardening is that if you live in an apartment and have a window box or a few containers, an average family garden or something bigger and more mature, or access to local placement, go out and grow. “

In addition to enhancing your work ethic and gardening skills, Sin emphasizes the social and safety benefits of formal education. Even during the lockout period, the lessons were still able to maintain that sense of camaraderie.

“The content of the course is very important in nature, but socially and socially, for some it is the same,” he says.

It is also a great way to relax and provide many mental health benefits.

Shawn says the rooms are “seasonal” with a focus on gardening that they can do during the year, and he applies the Jukebox presentation to topics and field work, allowing the room to choose what to cover and what gardens to cover. He can visit.

For those who are unable or unwilling to travel, there are a growing number of online courses hosted by Co Leitrim-based Klaus Laitenberger. The 45-minute course, which begins each week from the end of September, will be filmed and aired every two weeks by Co. Fernag filmmaker Mark Megahi.

Provides step-by-step instruction on creating and managing your garden, improving fertility, and preparing for next year’s crop.

“There are also simple gardening lessons, such as pruning fruit trees and shrubs, pruning, splitting plants, and fertilizing,” Klaus said.

Klaus’ teachings also include a garden calendar that shows “some interesting garden facts, weeds, pests and plant identities, and many other tips and tricks.” The course lasts until February and costs 70 euros.

For more information on courses at Serc, visit www.serc.ac.uk – Klauscourse at klauscourse@gmail.com


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