Ornamental grasses to create an impact in your garden

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You love your flower garden, and you have even tried your hand at growing your own garden. Now turn around your beds or containers by planting these beautiful ornamental grasses. They are an amazing plant that thrives in the wind and does not change after the end of the growing season. There are two types of ornamental grass: the cool season in the spring, when it grows cold, and then in the summer heat. And a tropical season that thrives better in warmer climates. There are annual grasses that need to be replanted every year, although sometimes they do in the winter in hot weather. Ornamental grasses grow up to five feet high. Most need full sun (at least 6 hours of direct sunlight), but read the label to find out what to buy.

When choosing an annual ornamental grass, make sure you survive the winter in the USAD Hardy Zone (find yours here). Then dig a hole 2 to 3 times the width of the clay, but not too deep. If the roots rotate in the pot, place the sides of the garden ball into the hole with gloves in your hand. Fill the soil, water well. They are hardy plants when they are strong and dry, but they are watery. Also, cut down the perennial grass in early spring so that they do not get too upset.

In front of you, our favorite ornamental grasses for your garden –

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Blue Fescue

This steel-blue grass is a more compact species that seems to be planted in groups of three to five plants. Be sure to place it in front of mixed borders, as the height will be about one foot.


Feather reed grass

Winter feathers make this plant very attractive. It is extremely easy to care for and comes in many different species or planted species.


Purple mill

This summer, the grass grows beautiful flowers that turn into beautiful seed heads in the fall. It is a spectacular plant that can be seen in containers, in beds, or in containers with other year-round or year-round containers.


Fiber Optic Grass

This lovely grass has tiny, delicate flowers on the stems, making it look like fiber optic light! It is about one foot tall and is considered an annual in many parts of the country, but it can also be grown indoors to enjoy as a houseplant.


Source grass

Untainte grass makes it a beautiful focal point with its bright flowers that bloom in autumn. Some species, such as “desert plains”, are annual, while others are considered annual. Most are 3 to 4 feet tall so they are good for creating privacy or within mixed borders.


Maiden grass

The maiden grass smells of silver, which lasts all spring and winter. It comes in many different forms, but look for a non-invasive species such as Gracillimus.


Japanese forest grass

Typically about 18 inches[18 cm]tall, it has strong green or golden-green leaves. It is one of the few ornamental plants that tolerates some shades.


Rose Muhli Grass

This grass grows to a height of 3 to 4 feet, so it is suitable for borders. Beautiful pink-red flies live in the garden, giving it a mild climate.


Change grass

Archery leaves, which turn red in late summer, make this grass more attractive for garden beds. Up to 3 feet high is a good choice for large containers.


Mondo grass

This low-growing dense grass makes for a wonderful land cover when planted in large numbers. It comes in shades of light green to dark burgundy.



There are many different types of mulch, but this dense grass is very interesting when planted in groups. The leaves are available in beautiful gold, green, or variable colors.

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