Oters eats the revered Koi at the Lawis Garden.

When a Lewis couple realized that he had eaten something from the fish and frogs in their garden pond, they went to work to find the culprit.

ሮ ዞ ሮ ዞ ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል

“Finally, we accept that a pond with fish is not a good idea. The Morty Bachar community said:

Bachhar and his wife, Patty Storms, created a 3,000-gallon pond with koi, frogs, and other wildlife during a 2021 visit to Lewis Garden.

One morning, the couple went to their pond tent and found a large number of chopped koi fish heads. At that time, the backers said they knew the criminal was a night hunter, but they did not know what it was.

The next morning, they found that the same thing had happened to the rest of the fish.

The couple then set up a few cameras to better protect the net, but the next day all the fish and frogs disappeared.

“We have managed to protect the fish in our pond for more than six years. , We have seen evidence of foreign cats, snakes and foxes trying to catch fish.

But this time it was different.

“The culprits, the videotape, are River Otters, they have no way to stop them. After many deep breaths, we remembered where we had been. We also remember that it was a pleasure to witness all of this, even though they ate our thousands of dollars worth of fish. Although money is not an issue; We love these fish, and they have been a part of our lives for many years. He is indeed destructive.

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