Owdolf Gardening Detroit to officially open this weekend

Oudolf Garden Detroit, pictured above, is located on Bell Island in front of Nancy Brown’s Peace Carrie. // Photograph by Ryan Southstone Photography

A During the project years, Oudolph Gardener Detroit was established. It will be officially announced on August 28. Designed by world-renowned Dutch gardener Payet Odolph, the 2.5-acre[2.5 ha]garden on Bell Ellie is 32,000 years old and has grass.

Located in front of the Nancy Brown Peace Carrie, the garden is home to three-year-old plants in Odolf – block, matrix and group planting. Ninety percent of the plants in the garden are from Michigan producers, and virgin purple, sea lavender, necane blue sage, winged Loosestrife, and American Feverfew are now in bloom.

Through the efforts of the Michigan Garden Club, the garden has come to life, and a non-profit organization is promoting the importance of gardening in the area. The team was responsible for raising $ 4.7 million to obtain a license to plant the garden, and to overcome obstacles such as floods and epidemics on Belle Island in 2019. Meanwhile, the entire volunteer group, Oudolf Garden Detroit Greens, was responsible for maintaining the garden and will continue to care for it.

Virgin Purple Cornell is one of the plants that is currently growing in the Oodolf Garden Detroit. // Photograph by Ryan Southstone Photography

“Last year, Mother Nature sent us all into our rooms, and some of us planted a magnificent garden designed by Pete Odolph,” said Maora Campbell, a spokeswoman for Odolf’s Paradise Detroit Grace staff. “Such a public garden is needed now more than ever. It offers a peaceful, beautiful and safe place to enjoy a piece of live art. It is good for the body and the soul. ”

Owdolf is known as the leader of the new age-old movement, a garden design style. Oudolf Garden Detroit is the latest public garden. Its designs can be found in cities around the world and include the New York City Highway and the Luri Garden in Chicago.

The people are expected to celebrate the opening of the garden with a ribbon at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Odolf is not available due to travel concerns and restrictions related to the epidemic.

“Detroit is very special to me. My bags are full, but unfortunately this should not have been the trip, ”he said in a statement. “This garden is located on one of the most natural sites in any of my gardens. It is a place where people go and never get bored or discouraged. It is also a place where you can learn about plants because you see plants that you have never seen or have never seen before.

Visit for more information oudolfgardendetroit.org.