Owners of Avon Breaking Company have announced the launch of a new restaurant, production facility in Avon, Avenue Lake and North Regville.

Aven, Ohio

For the owners of Avon Birang Company (ABC) big things have been brewing and now they are ready to shed some interesting details.

Plans to open in May 2023 New Aven Birang Company Restaurant and Production Facility.

“We have now purchased three hectares of land on Detroit Road (36383 Detroit Road) and are planning to relocate and build a new restaurant and brewery,” said ABC owner / brewer Matthias Hawk. “The new location will give us the opportunity to move our products from Madison (Ohio) to Avon. It will also allow us to have all our beers at home and distribute our beers from Avon.

The empty space on Detroit Road 36383 once had a spa depot and before that it had a Gerber Garden Center and before that it was a Fortofer Garden.

According to Hawk, the new footprint will cover more than 12,000 square meters and will include a restaurant (double the current seating capacity), an outdoor beer garden, a separate party room and a brewery. Another exciting addition to the new venue for entertaining guests is the addition of 26 to 150 parking spaces.

ABC New Place in Avon

Aven Brewing Company purchased the land on 36383 Detroit Road. Plans: A new restaurant and production facility will open in May 2023.

Hawke said, “We have improved our parking conditions and the location of the restaurant.” The new venue will be a nice place with a fireplace and a nice beer garden. You can play outdoor games, and we plan to include some live music.

The special party room can accommodate up to 150 people for parties, showers and other events. There are no restaurants in the city as big as Hawke’s, which is being built by ABC.

Hawk said, “The kitchen we have now is very small and tidy.” It was made for a bar, not for a big restaurant.

“This plan has been working for some time,” Hawke said. “Detroit astronauts came to us five years ago and wanted to know if we were interested. It took us until the end of March to close the process and close the property in April.

The $ 5 million project is due to be demolished later this month (once all city approvals). The deadline for opening the new venue is May 2023. The current ABC site will remain open during construction but will be closed next spring. The current ABC space is available for any business interested in purchasing. ABC opened in 2016.

“We are very excited,” Hawk said. “This is changing my family’s life. This is a big issue for our entire family and staff… and the community. Mayor Brian Jensen talks about how this area is the focus of our city. The pool is right up there with us and the city playground. People are so supportive of us and we can’t wait to be in the middle of everything. We truly appreciate the community’s support and our love for the community. We were selected as the Best Small Brewery and the Best Regional Brewery in Ohio and thank you for all the support.

Hawk said the new ABC plan will be open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

ABC owners will continue to work with ABC Presents ZZ’s Big Top, 35015 Detroit Road and Black Key Coffee on current ABC Restaurant 37063 Colorado Avenue. After the new ABC restaurant opens next year, it could move the plumbing room behind the coffee shop to expand the store and offer more seats and possibly a balcony.

“We are all in this city and we cannot wait to give Avon a new place to gather and celebrate our community,” Hawke said.


Crafts, presenter scenes, In March, I wrote about the campaign to open a games cafe. The board game cafe was established to ‘build a community of acceptance, encouragement and understanding for talented individuals’. Founder Robin Ken has been seeking funding to open a cafe through his GoFundMe account and spreading the word on social media.

Crafts and exhibitors will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Avon Middle School 3445 Long Road, the proceeds of which will be used for the campaign. Concentration stops, as well as face paintings and rafters are on display during the show.

Go to gofund.me/eb2ca23a to donate to the campaign. Follow us on Instagram @im_possible_ Games and Facebook.

Republican convention; On June 9, 1783, Moore Road met at Father Ragan Nights of Columbus Hall at 5 p.m. Tonight’s program is a no-brainer for the candidates. The meeting will be attended by State Senator Nathan Maning and first-time challenger Christine Hill. State Representative Candidates Sarah McGervie, Marty Gallagher; Regional representatives Gail Manning and Dick Stein; And candidate for the Republican Central Committee, Jean Anderson. It costs $ 5 for guests.

Speedway plans to close- The gas station and convenient storage are still coming to the southwest corner of Chester Road and Jaix Road. Members of the Planning Commission recently heard the final announcement of the development plan.

Citywide garage sale; The annual Lois Shinko Aunt Tech and Uncle Junke Aven Townwide garage sale is on weekends June 25-26. The registration form is now available online to include your sale on the free list. Go to Frenchcreekdistrict.com.

Dean listing- Jess LaFortt lists Spring Dean at Richmond University.

Avon Lake

Flower show; Avenue Lake Lake Club is hosting a flower show at Volger House 32770 on June 8-9 from 2 to 8 p.m. And Lake House, 32756 Lake Road. The show is open to gardeners in Ohio and will feature floral designs and small floral and arts arts from a panel of National Garden Clubs Inc. (NGC). The purpose of the event is to educate club members and educate the public; Inspiring interest in gardening and floral design; To provide an exit for creative expression; And to convey the objectives of the NGC community.

Walley Competition Avon Lake Community Resource Services (CRS) Hooks for Hunger will host the ninth Annual Volleyball Competition from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., June 25 at Miller Road Park Fishing 33760 Lake Road. Participants must register in person at Erie Outfitters 5404 Lake Road, Sheffield Lake (no online or postal registration). It costs $ 25 per person. There is a limit of 50 groups. All incoming CRS benefits. There are also sponsorship opportunities. If you have additional questions, email Ed Moran at edmocraft57@gmail.com.

North Ridgeville

Decorating a cornfield; North Ridville Arts Council is sponsoring the second annual Beauty An-Ear-Corn Contest to celebrate the North Ridville Corn Festival (August 12-14). Go to bit.ly/3FSt0TQ for more information.

Golf Out The North Ridgeville City Schools Endowment Fund is hosting the 24th Annual Golf Out June 9 at Bob-O-Link Golf Course, 4141 Center Road, Avo. Registration starts at 8 ፡ ፡ 45 9 and ፡ 30 ፡ ፡ የአ የአ ራት ሰው ራት ራት ራት ራት ራት ራት ራት ራት ራት ራት ይጨምራል ይጨምራል እና እና እና ይጨምራል ይጨምራል እና እና ይጨምራል ይጨምራል ይጨምራል እና እና እና እና እና እና እና እና እና እና እና እና እና እና እና እና እና እና Golf racing will have many races, including long drive, close proximity and leather racing. The event also includes sponsorship opportunities. Go to nrcs.net for information or to register

Elderly foot clinic; Dr. If this is your first visit to your doctor, it is recommended that you contact your doctor’s office at 216-529-1800 to make sure you have the necessary information. Clinic costs are usually covered by Medicare and additional insurance.

Two Hundred Years of Church First Conference Church 36363 Center Ridge Road is celebrating its 200 years of service to the community from noon to 5 pm on June 12 in a special open house. The church, in partnership with the North Ridgeville Historical Society, will be hosting a live rehearsal at the nearby North Rivville Cemetery and on the tombs of many people who are vital to the city’s growth and development. .

“Two hundred years ago, settlers were still building wooden houses when a new church opened its doors to serve the community,” said event host Roy Drager. “This little village was called Rootstown before it became Ridgeville and later North Ridgeville. In short, the first church being built will be the first church. Life was not easy for the first settlers in this community. Early North Ridgeville was home to tall trees and almost invincible shrubs, bears, wolves, venomous snakes, and other wildlife. The biggest concern was their contact with the Indian tribes who called this area their home. For the settlers who arrived here two hundred years ago, life was difficult.

The event is free for the community. Young children are invited to participate in the arts and crafts in the church, parents are on tour.

Parking for the event is located at the church’s eastern parking lot, just east of the First Congregational Church.

Young creator Congratulations to Lillian Tracler, a sixth-grader at North Ridgeville City Schools, on winning the Akron University rubber band competition for young people in the arts and entertainment. Tractor’s “Kitten” artwork has been selected from hundreds of entries from across the country. She received a $ 300 prize.

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