Pacific mission partners with great results for carbon neutral.

Based on the principle of sustainability, Pacific Mission is a behavioral health program for teens and young people Hawaii’s largest island. Young, 13-24 years old, is involved in individual medicine, group therapy, psychiatry, horticulture, acupuncture and in-depth ecological research. Hawaii. Introduction Director Kelly Smith Explains a culture of responsibility: “For our students, the central ethic is to learn how to take care of themselves by caring for their communities and the environment. It is only natural that we should take responsibility for climate change. Mr. Smith added: “We have explored a number of different options, including carbon offset programs IcelandBut the team at the end of the day is very close to the process of calculating our footprint and support projects to make up for that, and we are very pleased to be working with them.

In this same partnership with Cool Effect, Pacific Mission now offers families the option of compensating for their personal stays, including travel and imported equipment and food.

The Pacific Mission will continue to source as much of the area as possible, including its own gardens, Big Island grass fed beef and local wild fish.

About the Pacific Mission

A.D. The Pacific Mission, established in 2004, aims to provide life-changing experiences to young people and young families. Hawaii’s largest island In authorized Therapeutic Living Programs (TLP). Their individual approach to mental health care focuses on anxiety, depression, isolation, high self-esteem, and trauma.

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