Pakistan bans female ticks as solution to prevent genocide

Pakistan’s Punjab Parks and Garden Authority (PHA) has banned female ticks from entering the Great Iqbal Park in Lahore, Pakistan. The move comes after a woman who was shot dead by a Tiktok video was raped by a group of 400 people. The victim, who accompanied her to the park, was reportedly present in the presence of six other friends. The woman was brutally beaten and assaulted.

Pakistani authorities on Sunday blamed the woman for the attack on a suspected group. The victim filed a formal complaint with law enforcement at the Lori Adda police station, and her clothes were torn to pieces. In the video, Pakistani men are seen descending on an unsuspecting young woman while rolling around in a world of rage and rage. FR is registered in accordance with Articles 354a, 382, ​​147 and 149 of the Penal Code of Pakistan.

According to Pakistan’s RI News, the PHH decision was made by senior Lahore officials on Sunday. According to reports, all tickers must obtain a permit from the relevant PAA to enter the parks, according to a statement issued by PH on August 22. Lahore police arrested 130 people in the incident, and 40 were identified after the video began circulating on social media. Pakistani police release 70 criminals

“People pulled me in all directions, and my clothes were torn. I was thrown into the air. They brutally attacked me, ”she said in a statement to police. She also complained that her cell phone, money, and earphones were confiscated.

Pakistan’s Information Minister Fawad Chawdri said in a statement that he was “arrested”. “The prime minister has also paid attention,” he said, without elaborating on what the government could do to the attackers. The angry women on Pakistani Twitter, however, called for immediate police action against all the men involved. “Every Pakistani should be embarrassed,” said Bhutto Zardari, chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party. The act was criticized by many actors Mahira Khan and singer Farhan Saeed.

“I’m sorry. .. I will continue to forget – it was her fault !! Poor 400 men .. could not understand it. And then they stay that way – a social media trend. There is no justice, nothing !! Pakistani actress Mahira Khan tweeted.

“Women who wear a few clothes make an impact on men,” the Pakistani prime minister said

Earlier in his interview on violence against women in Pakistan, Imran Khan said in an interview: Pakistani Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said in a statement that “traditional imperialism” perpetrates sexual violence against women. “Everything that is accepted in our culture must be accepted everywhere.

Rema Omar, a lawyer with the International Commission of Lawyers in Pakistan, mocked Khan for his actions. “It is sad and clearly ill men are not ‘robots’ to see repetitive crimes committed in Pakistan for sexual assault,” he said on Twitter. “If you see women in thin clothes, they will be“ tempted ”and some will resort to rape,” he wrote.

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