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PAL Kaua’i’s mission is to provide housing and sustainable livelihoods, renewing hope for the people of Kauai.

You may know that we are now Paul – a more affordable life – not just a home.

We say – housing and much more! Today we can help you with one of the most important expenses of your life – food. The three major contributions to these costs are housing, transportation and food. Tomorrow, Monday, August 4, from 4pm to 6pm, we will dive into our food on PAL KKCR Radio.

An essential part of a balanced diet is a balanced diet. We are blessed to live on a paradise island where we can plant, grow, and reap food, flowers, fiber, and fuel.

With a little time and effort, you can grow fresh plants and grow them right on your lawn or backyard. It does not take up much space. Reduce your reliance on the big box and grocery store with their long and vulnerable supply chains. Increase some essential nutrients and save money on your food budget.

Did you know that Hawai’i food is going to run out during COVID-19 closure? 90% of our food is imported, and covad closures broke our food supply chains!

For those of you who know about it and how we can overcome this threat to our food supply, watch this free documentary Hawaiian News now on PAL-Kaua’ / Resources for both great documentaries.

We are very fortunate to have wonderful people who take care of you and give you guidance, guidance, help seeds, information on soil quality and plant diseases, etc.

“Digging?” Here are some important local resources to consider. Almost all of them have websites but they are too long for this column or you to type. You can find all of them at PAL-Kaua’ / Resources or google, and please indicate more at Info@PAL-Kaua’

Veggie starts and plants

• Paradise begins on earth – Saturday, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Kilawe, in front of the Anana Howe Farmers’ Market and Kapaa in front of Hoku and Papaya Natural Foods.

• Kindergarten Parks in Kilawe: Wednesday through Sunday from 5pm to 8pm 808-828-6400;

• Kapini Kindergarten-5776 Kapini Street, Kapahi, Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., 808-645-6303;

• Ancient vortex (willow / distant) – garden and perennial beginnings and cuts; Tammy 541-510-9658;

• Malama Kaua’i (Kalihiwai) – Herbal Sale and Free Gifts; Follow on social media:

• Roses garden-island-wide plant supply;

• Papaya Natural Foods, 4-901 Khuyo Hei, Kapaa 808-823-0190. You can use your EBT cards for production and a 50% discount:

• The Da Books Double Up Food Bucks program offers all SNAP users a 50% discount on fresh produce bags and poye. Check SNAP as usual and make your discount when you make your payment;

• Allowed (and not allowed): Foods only groceries and food plants are eligible for SNAP. Only qualified and productable for Da Books. Commodities, flowers and ornaments are not eligible.

Fertilizer, soil and supplies

• Home Depot (LUE) – clay soil, fertilizer, pot, seeds, irrigation;

• Walmart (Lihu’e) – pots, fertilizers, supplies and some herbs;

• ASS Hardware (Princeville, Kappa, Lihue, Elele) – Soil Fertilizer, Fertilizer, Pots, Seeds, Irrigation;

• Vegetable Island Hydro (Lihue) – clay soils, fertilizers, pots, seeds, irrigation;

• Kawai Color and Food (Kilawa): Hendrix High Performance, Organic Fertilizer;

• Kawai Irrigation (LUU) – Irrigation systems and supplies;

• Heart & Soul Organics (Moloa’a) – Bring compost, soil, straw, etc., and they will load. 6020 Ko’olau Rd. 808-823-1007;

• GM – Green Land Issues (MOLOA) – Commercial / Residential Green Waste Disposal ($ 10 cubic yard installation fee). Compost and bananas are available for purchase. Pick up or deliver. 808-828-1114;

• Kawai Kindergarten and Landscape (LUU) -3-1550 Kaumuali’i Hwy. LUU. 808-245-7747;

• Kindergarten (Kilauea) – 4741 Kahiliholo Rd # A, Kilauea. 808-828-0444;

• Wikki Worm Farm (Kalaheo) – Fertilizers, etc. 808-639-2016.

Soil testing

• A&L Western Laboratories – Soil Testing Laboratory;

• Test your soil: Why and how to take a soil test sample.

Information, support

• Ancient Spine – Tammy Davis, Consultant (Willow / Far) – Permaculture garden design and sustainable systems; Payment or business. 541-510-9658;

• Main gardener’s help line and plant testing tool;

• KCC-Go Farm Program: Eric Hansen 808-245-0129;

• Topher’s Go-fors (island-wide): Permaculture garden design, landscaping and installation, transportation, irrigation, tree pruning, garden / landscaping and robot grass care services. 808-631-7132;

• Kamaina Gardens – Design and collection of garden beds. 808-639-3007.

General Resources

• Ancient Hawaiian canopy plants – from the Hawaiian agricultural blessings;

• Kawai Local Food Link – where you can buy Kawai local food, emergency food aid or start your garden;

• Kilavea Ag Park (AHK) CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), Community Gardens, has a program for raising two “heritage pigs” (locally grown breeds) for families – providing two pigs to the family to raise until the “harvest” period, one family raising; The other goes back to AHA).

If you want to dig deeper into a few guests tomorrow, James Cake, Ph.D., coordinator of the English Gardening Program, is a volunteer program run by the University of Hawaii Tropical Agricultural and Human Resource College (CTAHR) Cooperative Expansion Service (CES). ). They are trained volunteers who help UH by providing suitable, environmentally friendly fruits and vegetables information, and promoting good gardening practices to the people of Kauai.

Teacher gardening training program is offered once a year from February to May. Led by the U.S. Faculty and local experts, it offers 48 hours of training equivalent to a college-level introductory gardening course. The program covers:

• Introduction to gardening in Hawaii;

• Reproduction and pruning of plants;

• Soil and Fertilizers, Organic Vegetable Care, Plant Pathology / Disease and Pest Management, Fruits and Vegetables, Tropical Trees, Plants and Lilies, Grass and Landscaping and Hawaiian Plants;

• Classes at the Kawai Agricultural Research Center, or Zom. The course fee was $ 200 last year.

Another guest on the PAL-Kaua’i radio show tomorrow is Mama Kau’i Megan Pittley-Fox. A.D. Founded in 2006, Malama Kaui is a community-based, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that focuses on increasing local food production and access to Kuwait, with a focus on sustainability and sustainability. They work to build the capacity of the community. Some of their many programs –

• Village Crop: Voluntary Kawai “Harvest Program” connects the gap between food waste and food security by collecting leftovers from private harvests and farms and donating to food warehouses, youth programs and home delivery. And homeless. They also distribute and install food trees throughout the community to increase direct access to future production, which contributes to long-term food security.

• Founded in 2010 and supports all schools in Kawai, the Kawai School Garden Network and Agriculture Go to School. They provide financial support for school gardens, technical and volunteer support, school sustainability initiatives and local food in local schools and provide curriculum, training, networking opportunities and a wealth of e-newsletter. He led the Caia 1 Farm-to-School pilot for traditional Hawaiian cake and youth services, using traditional school-appropriate garden and food program models.

If you are a teacher or school administrator who needs help with a school garden or sustainability project, contact them at 808-828-0685.

• Kawai Farmer Support – Malama Kauai has been supporting Kawai farmers for over 15 years by hosting events, workshops and programs in direct response to the needs of our farmers. Provides budget support and writing / management services to small farming groups in Kauai.

Also with us will be Llanni Spencer, a PAL board member who wears a lot of hats as a Nutrition Assistant to the University of Hawaii at CTAHR, and she will be presenting a 4-6-week series on SNAP-Eligible Individuals and Families on Food and Money Basics. And cover better food, safer food and other practical tips and tricks to reduce food costs.

We hope all this support and a long list of resources will inspire you to get into the garden and grow your own!

You can find almost all the links and more at PAL-Kaua’ / Resources and please refer more at Info@PAL-Kaua’ And call tomorrow at 826-7771: 4 to 6 p.m.

Call PAL (808) 738-6706. አንድ Together we can make a difference!


Jim Edmunds, PAL (Permanent Living) Kawai, can be reached at Jim@PAL-Kaua’ PAL Kaua’i’s mission is to provide housing and sustainable livelihoods to the people of Kawai.

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