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As spring turns into summer heat and U.S. unemployment continues to hover around 6 percent, many other industries are learning the hard truth that golf course maintenance leaders have been recognizing for decades – it’s hard to get good help, and not just get people on board. It has to be creative.

What do creative employers offer when they return to this great workplace? Competitive wages or wages, of course, and some different health benefits. Signing and referral bonuses are becoming more common, and more flexible programs are a huge plus.

Alex Studio, TCC Dere Run Golf Course Operations Operator Director is now back in Selvis, Illinois, in his eighth year, relying heavily on his last profit.

“We have to break down mold to build our teams,” says Studioman, who recently hosted our 50th John Dere Classic. “That means how we go about it in the workplace and in our personal lives, there is no single track of success. ከ If we can keep this attitude going forward, people’s conversations about the stress of our speech and our business minds will continue to go up and down in a positive direction.

Studioman is running with a staff of 25 – he says, “The problem of the First World War,” and he says, “Old Moonny in me has to put that standard because some of my co-workers are going to say,” Shut up, Alex. “- But that number is deceptive. With 19 full-time workers and six part-time counters, he had three full-time counters before the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, and the number of full-time counts may have decreased after a few staff members returned. During their shift, they went to college campuses after a year of virtual classes at the maintenance facility.

“They come to work around 5:30, 6 o’clock, work until 8 or 9, then sit in my office behind their laptop laptop, and then go back to work after lunch,” says Stademan. I feel comfortable at the staff level now but when the colleges return to the classroom, come on Labor Day, we may be a special stream.

take up Alec Austin, Ne Blake And Trevor Dains, Are all part-time employees. Austin attended the Dean of Student School at United High School in East Molly, Illinois, where he was a longtime member of the TPC. Abel’s seed. After graduating from Austin in 2016, Zeritcheu advised Austin to join him in the summer.

When Austin began his nursing degree, he told Studio, “Let me know where we are going.” Austin graduated in early 2020 after the outbreak and was hired as a cardiac nurse. “On the first day of work, he was in the COVID department,” says Studman. “After he got there, he called me and said, ‘Would you mind if I worked one or two days every two weeks? He asked. He proved himself to be such a reliable worker.

Blake joined the neighboring golf club TPC Deere Run and worked part-time as an AMT. After meeting a full-time EMT in North Iowa, “we met and he volunteered for two partner races,” says Studio. Blake returned to Quad Township for another MMT venue in Bethedorf, Iowa, and shared the TPC Deere Run program with him. “Hey, Studio Blackker,” Can I do it too? ”He recalls.

Dejais, meanwhile, is a physical education. Teacher and high school baseball coach, and thanks to my team, he arrived at TPC Deere Run. The day-to-day activities provide a lot of flexibility, but the State High School Athletics Association postponed the baseball season to July due to the epidemic and could not work on the weekends. “’Why does that change anything?’ Studioman asked Dennis. ‘If we can spend this summer with you and you enjoy working with us, I want them to come back to you every summer.’ ይሠራል It works when we need it most, from 6 to noon. I can’t say enough about him.

Those three men can work together for a few weeks and only work for 30 hours, but the impact they have on our staff doing other things or the pressure from me or my assistants is insignificant.

You may not have the same pipeline for the TCC Dere Run, and you may not have the budget to bring in as many part-time timers as Studioman. Any challenges you may face should not prevent you from being flexible.

“He continues to be creative and open-minded,” says Studioman. “In the mornings and afternoons, I find that we get three or four hours a day in other occupations that require a lot of work. … We must all break our stubbornness and not live with the statement, “We are always like that.” We may be able to attract people with an ever-changing program and the level of expectation that we are satisfied with.

Golfing has always been a challenge because it works outdoors in the area, but it has been combined with people who develop an appreciation for their personal lives and health, ”says Studio. I spent the whole of 2020 just worrying about the safety and well-being of my staff. Now you integrate into an employee who thinks the same thing about themselves, is safe and healthy and enjoys their work, and they are more selective about the jobs they want. From our point of view, we try to appreciate and understand from personal experience.

And Studiodeman’s personal development as a leader played a major role in evolution. Having children really helped – the girls celebrated their seventh and fourth birthday around the race and their interests influenced how he worked and what he expected of others.

“If I say I always change, I will lie,” he says. “My own experience is an improvement. I am a worker and I love my job, I love my time here, but the more I appreciate my career, the more I realize that not everyone is like that. I want to get to know my staff and understand their needs, to be open and comfortable so that people can tell me what they want outside of work with us. We do year-round job reviews for all of our employees, and we always ask, ‘Do you feel comfortable with the role you are playing? Are there areas where you want them to grow? ‘And some people say they want to learn or understand this, while others say they are fine. I think that’s amazing. We can build around it. If I can provide an open channel, I will help them and I can make sure that we are able to adapt as much as we can to meet our expectations for the golf course.

I hope many people realize that the only way we can do this is through people. If we can’t be more flexible and flexible, it can be a hard line to imitate. ”

Matt Lawel is the Editor of Golf Course Industry Management.

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