Patrick Henry’s Board welcomes new staff

Hammer – Patrick Henry’s Board of Education met on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Completing the agenda were the Covy protocols that were in effect for the new school year.

This was the first meeting of the Board since August 25.

Supervisor, Josh Bidrestt discusses the use of the athletic building in terms of COVID-19 precautions. As discussed at the May meeting, the BDIST held another discussion on reopening the building to the public and opted to keep the building closed until January.

Noting the onset of the school year or not, the board agreed that it was a good idea to keep the building for now. The Xavier and Aidan Wensick track, the largest Red Stadium, and the X and A tracks, which run east of the compound, are still open to the public.

So far, masks are an option for students and staff. Biederstedt said: “We have been denied some quarantine because we met positively outside of school.” According to the superintendent, as the number of quarantine people increases, wearing a mask may not be an option.

“The number one goal is to keep children in school, and last year we were able to do that by wearing masks. Although they think they can help reduce COVID transmission, quarantine laws are written in a way that does not require students to wear masks, ”said Bearst.

He added: “Moving to full-time masks may not be the result of a big increase in positive factors, but the result of a lot of isolation.”

The Board reviewed the new masonry work on the columns in front of the high school, as well as the design of the two elementary classrooms, replacing the floorboards. Feedback is encouraged before you decide to replace other floor tiles.

Finally, the board moved to the new elementary playground, replacing the subterranean pebbles and adding new equipment.

In other news, the board also said:

• Approves payment rates for certified and assigned successors for 2021-22.

• Approves three-year contracts: Elementary Principal, Brian Hibber; And Director of Technology, Dustin Ruffel.

• Approves a one-year contract with Stati Schuller, LVV Control Services.

• Samuel Colhep’s resignation was accepted, and he immediately became the leader of the band and director of the band, Darcy Krassow, the head gymnastics coach. August 18, 2021 And 21-year-old bus driver Stephen Floro.

• Approved FM license for Pam Quinn, beginning August 24, 2021. And a six-week maternity leave for Carly Leider, approximately October 15, 2021.

• Approved Nancy Wilhelm’s retirement, effective October 1, 2021.

• Approved as construction representatives in the absence of a principal for 2021-22: Todd West and Caroline Hartman, High School; Jason Gubernat and Rebecca Wassen, Middle School; Katie Schwab and Marie Myers, Elementary School.

• High school credit approved for high school transfers – algebra 1, physical education, robotics workshop, keyboard and gardening workshop.

• Received donations from Lowe and David Jardin, sanitation stations and brooms; MS PTO, School Bash Funding; Dezler Chamber of Commerce and Miller Insurance Agency, Back to School Bash Funding; Funding for the Golf Team by David Papoy.

• Approves bid for cafeteria – milk, arps milk; Ice cream, velvet ice cream; Bread and Bread, Gordon Food Service.

• Reduces eligibility criteria for free and lunch prices as recommended by USDA Income Eligibility Guidelines.


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