Pawan Hans has been given an unfair advantage – CAG

Pratiba Chauhan

Tribune News Service

Shimla, August 13

When the regional government hired a helicopter for service, it gave Fawan Hans Limited (PHL) unfair advantage, resulting in a loss of up to 25.36 million rubles.

This is revealed in the report of the Superintendent and Auditor General (CAG) of the year ended March 31, 2019 in Vidhan Saba, with the Prime Minister Jay Ram Takur, who holds the financial portfolio.

According to the report on governments in the social, general and economic sectors (non-governmental organizations), “the 10 per cent annual inflation has resulted in an unnecessary and arbitrary reward of 18.39 million rubles.” Adjusting over-the-year flight times over the year has cost 6.97 million rupees over unused hours.

The CAG report gave PHL inappropriate favors to qualify for the technical review by submitting and improving the exclusion of other bidders, ignoring serious issues for security records and allowing the contract to be extended without satisfactory service.

The CAG report details the shortcomings and failures of the Horticulture Department and its use of funds. “The State Disaster Response Fund has been routinely subsidized with pesticides for gardeners and gardeners for 21.60 million rubles. The report criticizes the Department of Horticulture for failing to develop a clear policy on horticulture.

Of the allocated funds, 12 percent (2014-19) was not used and the 3.21 million quarterly subsidy was not implemented.

The CAG report also highlighted the unprofitable cost of school uniform testing and improper favors to the laboratory. “School uniform textile testing has been awarded directly to the laboratory for violating financial competency and economic financial principles and principles in public procurement.

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