Peace Garden offers a sponsorship program

The IPG, just south of Boissevain, is looking for ways to raise money by promoting businesses and organizations.

As part of its 90th anniversary, IPG is offering new sponsorship opportunities in 2022. The program is called Adopt-A Flower Bed.

According to CEO Tim Chapman, sponsoring one or more annual flower beds will give your business or service a great look. In the garden or in memory of the person you love, you may be sponsored to honor your family heritage.

This is something we are doing this year as part of our overall effort to put our fundraising structure in place. Gardening programs around the world provide opportunities for businesses to receive or support flower beds. It’s been done before but not since I was here and this gives local businesses a chance to partner with us and make a name for themselves.

The Horticulture team hosted more than 50 beds, including music and art, at the International Music Camp. Additional support ensures that the garden will continue to produce beautiful displays despite the recent loss of revenue due to covand.

A.D. 2022 presents a new challenge because IPG will host world-class cactus and collectibles during the construction of the new conservatory of production greenhouses while growing plants outside the site.

IPG expects to see around 50,000 visitors by 2022

$ 5,000 ፡ large display beds and unique gifts such as a floral clock

$ 2,500: Medium-large display beds

$ 1,000: Medium display beds

$ 500: Small display beds

We issued the word last week and we have already won two. “People are very happy to know that the next one will be a little more formal, especially when they come back to the music camp and there will be a lot more traffic on the weekends,” Chapman said.

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