Pedro Lvini and Rafael Solano Office of Psychologists in Uruguay Garden

Architects Pedro Lvini and Rafael Solano have created a psychologist’s office behind a long concrete wall in Uruguay’s Suez de la Costa.

The low-sliding structure in an existing property garden is 35 square meters and is concealed by a full-size wall.

The psychologist’s office is standing behind a concrete wall

Only the door and round hole described by the American artist Gordon Mata-Clark: known for cutting holes in existing buildings, breaking concrete walls.

As the door enters the psychologist’s office, the club connects the large garden with a small private yard.

Odro Livini and Rafael Solano designed the project
A circular opening connects the two gardens

“It is located on the back of the furniture,” says Livini and Solano.

Thinking of Night-Clark A large hole was broken in the wall connecting the two gardens.

Psychologist Office Uruguay
A fenced yard was built near the office

The main facade is characterized by an oversized basket basin, which leads to cantilevers at the entrance and rainwater from the roof on a rock near the front door.

Patients are housed in a small waiting area below this overlapping office, which is connected to the kitchen and toilet.

The psychologist’s office itself occupies half of the small building and has rows of windows overlooking the closed courtyard.

Psychologist Office Uruguay
The office looks at the yard

The office is an eucalyptus paneling chosen by architects as an economical choice to suit the owner’s budget.

The door connects patients and the doctor directly to the garden, allowing them to use the outdoor space during their sessions.

In the middle of the garden is a young tree, a small bench that echoes the opening of the main wall and moves forward under the windows.

Architects Lvini and Solano designed a quiet interior
The interior of the office

The exterior is finished with cement fiber panels, which have been selected as a budget-friendly decision.

These long, thin panels are placed horizontally to highlight the lower part of the building.

Seychelles de la Costa is the center of Uruguay and part of the metropolitan area of ​​Montevideo.

Other projects in South America include a parking garage with framed architecture and the Delpina River, and a beach house.

Photograph by Marcos Gipponi.

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