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Due to the Covide-19 epidemic in 2020, Penn State Extension Master gardeners had hoped that by 2020 there would be a resurgence in indoor gardening. As a result, “Victory Garden has been rebuilt!” Prepare a 10-part series. Webnar series to support gardeners across the country.

A.D. In 2021 the Master Gardener Program and the Penn State Extension Vegetation Team expanded this effort – with a view to reaching the Latino community – and webinar is now available in Spanish.

As a result of the epidemic, people are becoming more home-grown and eager to learn how to grow their own food – the main purpose of the leadership team is not only to save money quickly, but also to make sense of their time, ”said Valerie Sesler, local master gardener coordinator. “Victory Garden was a perfect way to fulfill our mission of educating the public with quality, research-based Webnaar series.”

Maria Gorgo-Gorovich, a horticultural extension educator, said:

In addition to webiners, the nine fact sheets were translated by team members to provide additional information to gardeners and new farmers. Gorgo-Gorovich, a native of Spain, mentioned that they translated Webnar scripts and PowerPoint slides. All 10 webmasters are also subscribed.

It is part of an action community called the Latin Agricultural Network, which is part of Penn State’s extension of support for the growing Spanish-speaking population in Pennsylvania.

A team of educators, students, faculty, administrators and basic advisors will work to enhance communication and learning efforts across all Pen State Extension Portfolio sectors.

The members of this network responded quickly to the Covide-19 epidemic and coordinated efforts to support cultural interests and produced a number of up-to-date products. The impact will continue to increase as network members add more resources.

“This will be a great tool for the public, but it will also support farmers first and provide information on the variety of fruits and vegetables that can be grown in this part of the United States,” said Gorgo-Grorovich.

She points out that 75% of the Latino community in the United States employs farm workers.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the number of Hispanic major farm operators in the country increased by 24% in 2012-17 to 112,451. There were 759 Hispanic agricultural operators in Pennsylvania in 2017, up from 652. In 2012, these operators and their families make significant contributions to the safety of Pennsylvania.

For more resources, visit the Penn State Extension Spanish Facebook page or contact Gorgo-Gorovich at [email protected]. In addition, the 800-PENN-IPM hotline: 800-736-6476 – for Spanish fruit, fruit and vegetable growers and Spanish-speaking stakeholders in the green industry .

The webinars are as follows

  • Victory Paradise Renewed! The Basics of Gardening, Part 1 ”(Spanish, English)
  • “Victory is restored! The Basics of Gardening, Part 2 ”(Spanish, English)
  • “The Paradise of Victory Has Been Restored! Spring Vegetables, Part 3 ”(Spanish, English)
  • “Victory is restored! Spring and Summer Vegetables, Part 4 ”(Spanish, English)
  • “Victory is restored! Summer Vegetables, Part 5 ”(Spanish, English)
  • “Victory is restored! Summer Vegetables (Cucumber Family), Part 6 ”(Spanish, English)
  • “Victory is restored! Fruit and Strawberries, Part 7 ”(Spanish, English)
  • “The Paradise of Victory Has Been Restored! Tropical and Small Fruit, Part 8 ”(Spanish, English)
  • “Victory is restored! Harvest Vegetables and Vegetables for Many Years, Part 9 ”(Spanish, English)
  • “The Paradise of Victory Has Been Restored! Questions and Answers, Part 10 ”(Spanish, English)

Currently, 3,165 Master Gardener Volunteers in Pennsylvania support PEN State Extension Education programs in consumer gardening. They help to better serve the home gardener community by answering questions, talking to groups, maintaining demonstration gardens, assisting with pollen research in Penn State, and participating in many other projects.

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