People are urinating in the garden of the borders of the vandals, targeted meeting halls

Users of PLAY Park are urinating in the Border Community Garden, which was destroyed earlier this month.

A number of incidents have been reported in the Pills Can Garden near Victoria Park.

Weapons were smashed, volunteers were verbally abused, and residents were left stranded on neighboring properties and drivers.

The city council called for security at the site.

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Chairman Les Turbuul said: “There has been a tragic incident in the community garden as well as when young people threw objects at vehicles on KingSmeeds Road.

There we received an e-mail from a very concerned resident talking about the new amusement park, which says there is a problem with the park, but many people are using the gardens. Do not use the trees as public toilets, and as we expect the Kingsmeds parking lot.

“This is really a question for our councils because the Kingsmed Center and the Community Garden are actually council property. Is SBC doing anything to test the safety level around it and testing it for lighting and CCV, and is there anything we can do to solve the problem of open toilets in gardens? ”

Councilor Robin Tatler (neutral) replied, “I don’t think we are responsible for the way people do things. We remind people by posting some signs that there are toilets in Kingsmeadows Car Park.

Along with the safety of things, the garden has been leased to Public Cannon, so it will be their responsibility to see how they handle that.

“It doesn’t matter what level of security you set. If people want to try and get in and do that, they do.

“It’s about changing people’s behavior.”

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But Mr Turbul said efforts by Pels Can to get young people involved in their projects were having “mixed results.”

Pointing out that pointing fingers at young people can only lead to divisions, council leader Shona Hassan (Conservative) has raised concerns.

A Tweeddale East member said, “These are just a few young people involved.

“I hate to give in, and I know that the Community Council does not want to do this, that all young people will be left with one brush.

He added, “I want to make it very clear that most of the young people in our city are loved ones and have fun with their spouses.

So we should not walk in the city with suspicion, because this will cause division.

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In response, Mr Turbul said in no way did all community councils suggest that all young people were “wrong.”

Meanwhile, councilor Tatler offered to take people to local public restrooms and agreed to ask for a sign at Victoria Park.

He also agreed to talk to Pabb Khan about improving security.

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