Perfect match – BMA and sustainable landscape architecture

Across the State of California, Landscape Architecture Pacific Coast Land Design (PCDD) is known for its expertise in public works projects. They provide LEED-certified sites on a variety of projects: The two BMs serve as examples of how unparalleled value contributes to integrated planning and design processes.

The projects, the Westville Village and Old Town Newhal, address the evolving landscape needs and how to choose a PCDD design tool; Vectorworks Landmark helps them go beyond expectations.

Westville Village

A.D. Built in 1957, Ventura County Westwich Village originally consisted of 180 dwellings, making it the oldest and most affordable housing in the area.

In an article for Ventura County StarThe proportional housing crisis in California has sparked efforts to revive the complex, said Bunavenura Housing Authority chief executive. The Housing Authority has called on RNT architects, major street architects and planners, and PCDD for planning and design, focusing on the long-term future of the 21st century.

The new 20-hectare master plan, which began to become a reality in Chapter One, will feature 320 homes in the old 180-acre 2-acre space used for community events, recreation and community-based gardens. On-site food production program.

As the project aims to exceed LEED’s neighborhood development standards, PCDD has worked with Jensen Design Engineering to develop a recycled rainwater management system. Drought-resistant and low water use plants reduce the need for irrigation water, which is mostly used in recycled laundry water, according to PCDD chief Eric Berg.

Developing these sustainable water systems requires significant support from Vectorworks Landmark Building Information Modeling (BM) capabilities. During planning and design, PCDL linked information-rich worksheets to the site model for visual insights. Their model provides the vast amount of direct information needed to move the system forward – for example, at the beginning of the project, PCDD worked with the Patriots to get detailed information on each of the 209 trees in the area. They then linked this report to an existing tree of vectorwork landmark He used the information to develop a tool and a tree protection plan.

Old Town Newhal

At the beginning of the 20th century, Newhal, California, became a popular backdrop for Western films, leaving the nearby suburbs of Los Angeles in a state of disarray, leaving behind difficult businesses and high vacancies.

The City Council began a campaign to mobilize all PCLDs to reverse Newhal’s fate. It is the result The old town of Newhal has a revitalized, mixed, pedestrian village.

The PLLD design team worked with the council to revisit the main road corridor, then diverted traffic to a nearby roadway and added a square to improve traffic flow. PCDD “We wanted to strengthen the community’s heritage and create a new sense of pride in the city of New Zealand,” said executive director Chris Roberts.

The result is a dynamic mixing station that captures both eye-catching and once-damaged landscapes.

If you do not have the right equipment, we will have to provide water budget calculations for each station, said Mike Zilsdorf, Managing Director of PCLD. We can put all of our budgets into our worksheet and do all the budgeting for ourselves using smart calculations in Jetters Landmark. Everything happens with the click of a button. ”

It contributes to the success of vector works

As project requirements in landscape education are growing, delivery Highly integrated BIM projects help companies stay ahead of the competition by providing an in-depth understanding of the design concepts required for successful project delivery. This is especially true when changing systems.

For both projects, these advanced design features include smart features associated with built-in worksheets that reduce fatigue in the data modeling process. Take the Westvid Tree Conservation Plan as an example, as the PCLD saves a lot of complex data. He was not only often but also more prone to error.

“We’ve all really worked hard to create detailed views, and it has changed how people view our company and what we do,” said Roberts. Our business has grown thanks to Vectorworks’ visual and project development tools.

According to Zilsdorf, “The basis of our growth is the quality of our paintings and presentations. Vectorworks allows us to generate reports and designs for anyone who wants to see our design, from the beginning, from the conceptual stage and into construction. Vectorworks is a very important part of our process.

Alex Altry for Vectorworks, Inc. He is a copywriter, holds degrees in digital journalism and philosophy from Pennsylvania State University, and although he is not a business designer, Alex remains inspired by the ways in which vector work software helps inspire innovation.

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