Pet Oodolf Public Garden on Bell Island will open on Saturday

Internationally renowned Dutch designer Piet Odolf Detroit honored nature with a masterpiece.

Odof Garden Detroit (OGD), an outdoor garden on Belle Island, is open to the public this Saturday. The 2.5-hectare garden is 32,000 years old and has grass, one OGD. 90% of emissions come from Michigan producers.

According to the release, it is the first public garden to include all of Oudolf’s symbolic planting patterns – block, matrix and group.

Oddolf’s other masterpieces include New York City’s High Line, Howher and Wrestle in Somerset, United Kingdom; Luri Garden in Chicago, and Maximilian Park in Germany.

Richard Thomas and Mercedes Simpson volunteers as field staff and weeding and weeding the beds on August 24, 2021 in Detroit's Oudolf Garden.  The grand opening ceremony for the gardens is on Saturday, August 28.  Due to the floodwaters, the station had to be remodeled twice by Pete Odolf, and the camp staff raised funds.

Weather80,000 Michiganers are expected to reach 100 with a power temperature index

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Odolf’s latest masterpiece on Belle Island has seen some unique challenges over the past few years. A.D. When Detroit was hit by floods in 2019, Audolph redesigned the garden about three feet[3 m]above the ground.

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