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The Federal Government has assured the Pakistan Fruit and Vegetables Exporters, Importers and Traders Association (PFAV) of resolving the issue of perishable goods.

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 13th Sep, 2021) – The Pakistani Fruit, Fruit Exporters, Importers and Traders Association (PFVA) confirmed on Monday that the federal government will address the issue of perishable exports.

During a special committee meeting on agricultural products in the National Assembly, the PFA was given one month to strengthen and submit recommendations to the committee, according to a press release issued here.

These recommendations will be reviewed by the committee at its next meeting and the relevant ministries will issue the necessary instructions to resolve the issues from that date.

The meeting was attended by Wahed Ahmed, PFVA supporter, Malik Mohammed Ahsa Tiwana and representatives of various ministries and departments.

The committee held a wide-ranging consultation with all stakeholders on the issues discussed in the Vision 2030 Roadmap.

Wahid Ahmed told the committee that the agricultural sector has faced many serious challenges: climate change, lack of research and development (R&D), the use of traditional harvesting methods, pre- and post-harvest losses, low quality, low quality – the presence of new species, inefficient supply chain And high freight costs.

The association, in collaboration with the FCCC, has taken the initiative to address the horticultural sector issues and developed a roadmap: “Vegetable Development Vision 2030” (HV-2030) in extensive consultation with stakeholders, in-depth analysis and research.

The aim of this vision is to increase fruit production per hectare and improve the quality of agricultural products by adopting modern harvesting methods to further strengthen the agricultural economy and ensure Pakistan’s food security.

Wahad Ahmed assured the committee that if the recommendations for resolving the HIV / 2030 sector are addressed through letter and spirit, fruit and vegetable exports could reach $ 2 billion and $ 6 billion in three years. 10 years.

Due to the deadly global epidemic of cholera, the cost of shipping has increased many times, which is a serious obstacle to improving exports, but in Pakistan the opportunity to take advantage of TIR (international transport trade by road) is promising and using this facility our agricultural products at low cost and time It can export to international markets, but to achieve this, the sector needs trailers and filter containers, says Wahid Ahmed.

He said there is an urgent need to include the latest techniques in fruit and vegetable trade in the current agricultural curriculum.

The members of the committee unanimously agreed that structural, operating and policy-related issues need to be addressed as soon as possible in order to increase agri-exports.

The committee noted that a concerted effort by research-based institutions, the GoP and the private sector to modernize the agricultural sector could yield significant results.

The PFA has been tasked with preparing short-term plans to convene a meeting of the relevant ministries to resolve the issues expeditiously.

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