PGG posted a strong profit margin on increased sales and recorded a low debt

PGG Wrightson has become more than a year-round profit due to strong demand for rural primary supplies and services.

Agricultural and rural property sales have been excellent over the past decade, says PGG Whiston.
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The companies have been doing a lot of good business over the years, as high prices have increased expenditure on fruits and vegetables, livestock and livestock, and high interest rates have boosted the real estate business.

The post-tax profit for June-June was $ 22.7 million compared to $ 5.7 million last year.

Chairman Rodger Finley’s results confirm that the business has decided to sell the seed business.

Growth in horticulture has led to growth in the fruit and vegetable business, and new businesses have generated revenue for the Rural Supply Network.

Chief executive Steve Gurney said the supply chain disruption has been a challenge.

“This will continue to affect production and manufacturing inputs as well as timelines for export to coastal markets.”

He said the company has more stock and has asked its customers to express their possible needs three to six months earlier.

In the livestock, wool, and real estate sectors, revenues increased by 60 percent as the use of online livestock trading systems increased.

With so many farms coming up for sale and lifestyle trends, farm and rural property sales have been the best in a decade.

We are also looking at positive signs for early spring sales for rural sales, with early spring details higher than normal ratings, and we expect FY22 to continue strong demand in the first six months. [financial year 2022]”Said Gurin.

Commodity markets strength and prices are expected to maintain gross domestic product next year.

As the company’s debt plummeted, the 28-year-old’s full annual share was also recorded.


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