The Parks and Garden Authority (PHA) has completed all necessary preparations for the distribution of free cash crops among the people due to Jash-e-Azadi on Saturday.

Fisababad, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-13th August, 2021): The Parks & Horticulture Authority (PHA) has completed all necessary preparations for the distribution of Jash-e-Azadi on a plant-free basis.

According to PAA Director General Asima Ijaz Chema, the plants are environmentally friendly and have decided to distribute free plants in honor of PM U-Azadi to protect our environment from pollution and other hazards. In August 2021, PHH planned to plant 100,000 seedlings, and various groups have been set up for tree planting in green belts, parks and other open spaces in the city. According to this technique, the plant is growing 10 times faster, and PHA has earned 20 points in the city for the Miyawaki Forest, according to Pakistan’s “Clean and Green” program.

The benefits of deforestation are that after some period of development, the forests do not need any maintenance, but because of their independence, these forests will be a source of beauty in the city.

Susan Road Green Belt, Peenganwali Ground, Canal Park Sammundari Road, Gulshan-e-Ali Park, Sammundari Road Green Belt, Kashmir Park, Rack Branch in front of Steam Power House, Rack Branch in front of LGS, Rack Branch near Tekcom In front of the office, Rak Branch Canal, Club Road near Paramedics College, Lilp Park, Crescent Park, Milat City C-Block Park, near Kabuturawa Chok, Jang Road Airport Chok Park, Jang Road, in front of the farm. College and Kalem Shahid Park, etc. were named Mayawaki Forest.

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