Photos: Bellagio shows summer ‘dream forest’ at the concert venue on the Las Vegas Strip

LAS VEGAS, Nevi (FOX5) – “Honor the Kingdom of Animals” Belgian shows his new “Dream Forest” at a concert venue in the Las Vegas Strip.

According to news reports, the new display has 28 animal sculptures and nearly 10,000 designs and flowers.

According to the designers of the show, the “dream forest” travels to “magical places”; This is the place where majestic animals gather to celebrate the King of the jungle during the festivities. ”

Bellagio “Dream Forest” display(MGM Resorts International)

As part of the attraction, visitors will notice that birds in the background are singing, cricketing, the wind is blowing, and the lion is roaring. .

“It was a dream come true for me to revisit the concert venue for this new summer show. Working with the brilliant Belgian fruit and vegetable team, we brought a spectacular, vibrant and spectacular scene to life,” said designer Ed Libby. They will be entertained by all who come to visit this special place to visit the region with its plants, leaves and flowers. “

Bellagio "The forest of dreams" Display
Bellagio “Dream Forest” display(MGM Resorts International)

“Dream Forest” with numerical display

  • 120,000 Rose leaves laid separately on zebras
  • 10,000 Working hours to create this amazing show
  • 9,275 Plants in the display
  • 2,500 The protected pampering on the lion herd.
  • 900 Pound brown and gold flax were used to create the giraffe coat
  • 360 Palm trunk legs throughout the display – football field length
  • 50 Palm trees
  • 28 Animals
  • 9 Golden pineapple, international symbol of hospitality
  • 5 Bird species are represented
  • 1 Forest boat

Bellazio’s summer “Dream Forest” show will be on display until September 10. The conservatory is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is open to the public.

Bellagio "The forest of dreams" Display
Bellagio “Dream Forest” display(MGM Resorts International)

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