Pictures: The plot turned into a growing community garden

The site has been changed to a common plot.

Volunteers who helped transform a plentiful plot into a community full of produce and flowers showed off their work day in broad daylight.

Now in its sixth year, the Beales Carers Community Garden welcomes visitors as the Korona virus restrictions have eased.

He also appealed to more volunteers to participate in the development of the garden for wheelchair users or those with mobility problems.

According to volunteer Zane Wright, when he first received it, the plot did not go unnoticed for many years, but thanks to his enthusiasm.

SSE grants and polytunnel and floor supplies have also made a big difference.

“It has been hard work,” she said. We have a regular team of gardeners in these six years

We’ve also got a lot of people to help us with great projects at once.

Beauly Men’s Shed helped him and his collaborator invited him to donate the garden.

“The community is very supportive,” he said. We want to know that the role of the community is very important in this garden and we are grateful for that.

She is primarily a group of about eight volunteers between the ages of 60 and 80, and many people are welcome to participate.

In accordance with the rules of the coronavirus, members were able to continue working on the garden during the key period.

“I was able to come here,” says Ruth Harris.

Harris, who enjoys gardening, added, “The only thing you can eat and grow is protein or meat.

During the lockout period, Peter Trevik also spent a lot of time in the community garden.

“I used to have a big garden, but now I have a small yard,” he says.

“It’s really nice to have a place to come and continue gardening.”

John Wilson, who participated about five years ago, described the benefits of community gardening.

“You know people,” he said. You can get ideas from people who know you better. He will get you out and practice well.

The 2 352-a-day open-air competition includes home baking, home-grown products and brain weight competition.

Anyone wishing to volunteer should contact Francis McKenzie at 01463 783243.

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