Pig and Peach – Clement and Uga set aside differences to help southeastern peach producers thrive

Dennis Attawai and Jonathan Wit Climson University

South Carolina and Georgia share a border, a passion for football and pride in their peers.

The Clemson University and Georgia University campuses are only 70 miles apart. The Tigers and the Bulldogs fought on the football field in 1897. The teams met for the 65th time on Saturday night.

The series has been highlighted in a number of exciting times that have changed the prospects of the two teams’ championship.

A.D. In 1978, the No. 8 Climson I-85 flew to Athens and lost 12-0 to the Bulldogs.

A.D. At the 1981 National Championships, Georgia was led by Herll Walker. Walker had a terrific day, including a goal-scoring fall, and Clemens won 13-3, shattering Georgia’s second consecutive championship dream and helping the Tigers to their first national title.

Then, in four years, they have won all three of their last-two field goals. A.D. In 1984, Kevin Butler of Georgia won the tiger 60 meters. In 1986, the Clomson David Tradew beat Georgia 31-28 to finish the game in 4 seconds. The following year, Treadwell reaffirmed his talent and lifted another game to a 21-20 victory.

Recognizing its centuries-old history of stone frying, Georgia has called itself the “Peach Empire.” South Carolina, meanwhile, produces more corn than any other state except California, and anyone passing by on Interstate 85 saw the giant peach-shaped 135-foot water tower The Piacoid.


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