Pig government and NDDB form SPV Vadodara News – Indian Times

Vadorara – The National Dairy Development Board (NBBB) and the Pig Government are developing a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to promote milk production in pigs. Andebb Chairman Menenesh Shah presented a map of the pig development to Pig Prime Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday in Guwahati.
The meeting was attended by Minister of Agriculture, Vegetation, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Atul Bora. Sarma has a strong interest in promoting pig farming in pigs. By the end of the project, Shah said, he wants to achieve the goal of delivering 10 million liters of milk per day.
CMM stressed that it should be commercially viable and well-paid by pig farmers. According to Shah, the plan will include infrastructure, village-level facilities and marketing of dairy and dairy products.
“At the same time, increasing the productivity of dairy products can be achieved by increasing artificial insemination coverage, the use of segregated semen, stimulating high-yielding animals, interfering with calf breeding programs, and interfering with food and fodder.”
The PD government has asked the NDDB to run the Western Pig Cooperative (WAMUL), which was close to closing. The NDBB took over in 2008.
Considering the consequences of the NBCB intervention to rehabilitate the dairy cooperative, the Pork government has approved the WAMUL administration for another five years. A similar agreement was signed on August 6.



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