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Workers unload pineapple boxes from the Nizamuddin Express in Delhi to the Ernakula junction on Wednesday.

Kochi Lite, one of the largest pineapple farmers’ associations in the country, has sent its first pineapple to Delhi by train. The association on Wednesday shipped 2.5 tons of pineapple to the Delhi-bound Nizamuddin Express from the Ernakula junction.
According to the association’s president, James George Tottumilil, the shipment was sent to Diem Agro LLP, an agri-business start-up at Haryana Agricultural University, supported by the RKVY-RAFTAAR under the Indian Ministry of Agriculture. The startup, jointly launched by BB Manuel, is setting up an online marketplace for fruit and vegetable farmers to market their products to interstate buyers, especially pineapple farmers in Kerala.
Earlier on Wednesday, the first shipment from Al Kerala Pineapple Headquarters Vazhakulam to Kochi in Totumariel, the association’s board member Sunil George Kodamuli, the association’s joint secretary Josecuti VM Vitalical, Dium Agro LLP Management partner Bibin Manuel and the association’s deputy. -President Anthony P. Vettiyankal. Presented by Chief Commercial Inspector Arun Kumer R, Deputy Station Master, Southern Railway, Ganesh Venkadchalam and Area Manager Nitin Norbert.
“Traditionally, pineapples are being shipped to northern India by truck, the largest market for tropical fruits, which takes five days by train to Delhi, and within 50 hours,” Tottmariil said. “So at this time we can market fresh fruits and if the experiment is successful, we have a big plan to ship large quantities regularly,” he said. He said the association has received significant support from the Regional Fruit and Vegetation Mission of Kerala and Railways. “We have been in contact with Kisan Railway, which started in August 2020, and we started the process when the time came,” he said.
He said Vazhakulam pineapple, which is GI-labeled Thottumariyil, has always been attracting business interest from North India and the state’s fruit and vegetable missions and has provided attractive incentives for railroads. “In this context, if the first category entered the market earlier on Friday is a good response, we expect more trade on the railways,” he said. He also said that they used to load the cartons used on trucks when shipping the product. “The cardboard packaging is better for the fruit to be hotter and less damaged,” he said.
Currently, farmers in Kerala produce about 18,000 hectares of pineapple and 5.5,000 tons of fruit.



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