Pinnacle Gardens Development Report – The Upper Garden Project is coming to life


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For months we have been talking about a new, upper garden project that will allow us to create a new, more inclusive playground that is more recognizable than life-giving animals, and is built on a well-drained, environmentally friendly landscape.

There will be new Eda accessible toilets; Modern, accessible vacation spots; When learning about their experiences and habitats, a mountain of stone where all the abilities of people engage with animals are a zoo and goats climbing to the top; Lighting and landscaping improvements; And new, wheelchair-friendly nature trails.

There will also be a new sensory and learning garden for handicrafts designed for individuals of all abilities. For arthritis hand tools, multi-level plants for people killed in wheelchairs, and complete emotional behaviors for children and adults on the autism spectrum.

The final part of this new area will be an independent building called the Inspiration Center alongside the Sensor and Learning Garden. This provides vital climate control for autism cells that improve our learning and cultural programs for extreme temperatures, classrooms and gymnasiums.

The construction is going well and we thought we would tell you all about what is going on behind the green building fence on the Pinkster Garden property. Marked for opening in early 2022, the upper garden project will be accessible to children and adults of all abilities who want to visit, enjoy, laugh, learn and play.

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