PIPP Horticulture develops solutions that provide GGS configurations

The agreement stipulates the location of the PIPP North America Home Supplier of Growing Shelves, Greenhouse Structures and Ventilation Systems

Montreal, November 23, 2021 / CNW Telbec / – PIPP Horticulture (PIPP Mobile Storage Systems, Inc. Division) (“PIPP”), a leading provider of space-saving, multi-level mobile harvesting systems. Vinland, Ontario-GGS Structures (“GGS”). GGS is one of the leading manufacturers of quality greenhouse and return key greenhouse solutions, including traditional rolling chairs, heating and ventilation systems and curtain systems. Novacap, a leading private equity firm in PIPP since 2012, is pleased to see the company continue to implement the plan as a key provider of identification solutions for all fruit and vegetable sectors.

PIPP GGS Logo (CNW Group / Novacap Management Inc.)

Following the transaction, GGS will continue to operate under its own banner Lei Cultter He remains president and chief executive.

PPPP’s mission is to help farmers around the world save time and money by creating more efficient growth facilities. With the help of Novakap strategic, operational and financial support, PIPP’s purpose-built product line has grown with the acquisition of companies such as GGS and Vertical Air Solutions. These investments have enabled PIPP to continuously improve its services and develop unique products that positively impact production and facilitate operations.

Having decades of experience as a leading manufacturer of greenhouse structures for the horticulture industry, we could not be happier when we welcomed the entire GS team to the PIPP family of companies. Craig Umans, PIPP President and CEO. “Not only are they known for their innovative and quality products, but GGS is constantly valuing its customers. They are good additions to PIP’s continued global growth.”

“PPP-The-Art vertical farming and space optimization solutions, combined with the expertise, will enable us to design, manufacture and install commercial greenhouse structures to provide a complete and efficient solution for manufacturers,” Colter said. “Part of PIPP Horticulture is a complete evolution for GGS. It gives us the opportunity to build a wider platform to serve our customers.”

“The goal of being a leading provider of solutions for the fruit and vegetable industry is for PIPP. Mark Payment, Senior Partner at Novacap. “They are making smart purchases tailored to their industry and customers and adding value to the global brand. Novakap is very proud to be part of this innovative solutions provider process and development.”

About PIPP Horticulture
PIPP is a leading provider of horticulture industry-leading hectare farming and space optimization solutions. Working with commercial agronomists around the world, we work on implementing vertical and movable shelving, carts and ventilation systems in farms, post-production, manufacturing and distribution facilities. The PIPP team combines more than 40 years of commercial mobile storage experience with horticultural industry professionals with over 50 years of experience in commercial agriculture and in-demand production. PPP provides knowledge, insights and network connectivity beyond our mobile system to support our mission to increase financial performance and address threats to our partners. For more information, please visit www.piphorticulture.com.

About GGS Structures
GGS Group is a subsidiary of GGS Structures Inc., JGS Limited and Niagrow Systems Ltd. For over 40 years, GGS has been designing and producing greenhouses and growing environments. North America. Our design approach looks at all aspects of your agribusiness greenhouse with faster capacity, more comfort and higher growth potential.

Tasco Dome, GGS brand, is a leader in textile-covered buildings for agriculture, industry and equestrian industries. JGS Limited provides state-of-the-art greenhouse solutions for research institutes, educational institutions, conservatory and more. Niagro Systems Limited is designing greenhouse heating systems to ensure that growers have the right temperature in the right environment to maintain a suitable growth environment. For more information, please visit www.ggs-greenhouse.com.

About Novakap
A.D. Founded in 1981, Novakup is the leading Canadian private equity firm. C $ 8b AUM has invested in more than 100 platform companies and completed more than 150 additional purchases. Novakap’s deep domain knowledge can accelerate the company’s growth and create long-term value by implementing a sector-focused approach in TMT, Industries and now Financial Services since 2007. With experienced, dedicated investment and operational teams, as well as significant financial support, Novakap has the resources and expertise to build world-class businesses. Novacap has offices Brosard, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario. For more information, please visit www.novacap.ca.

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