Place kitchen debris and backyard pruning to work in the garden

Turn landscaping and landscaping into useful fertilizers. Incorporate this soil improvement in vegetable soils to improve drainage in clay soils and increase water retention capacity in sandy soils. It also protects healthy plant growth from pests and diseases and protects plant-based kitchen debris and vegetable waste from landfills.

Reinforcement is as easy as putting sick and insect-free plant waste into a pile and decomposing it. Do not add rats or weeds, invasive plants, or meat, milk, or fats that may survive the fertilization process and return to the garden.

You can attach your lid to the tub to make the process neat, tidy, and out of sight. Some gardeners choose tumbler composters for added convenience when loading, unloading, and twisting. It allows you to store the raw materials in one container while actively developing two bin trays.

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