Plan: Start a kitchen garden

Plan ahead

Start a kitchen garden

City apartments It can be home to many useful plants that can grow us and our families. No formulas! Solve only the simple secrets of nature that will give you all the practical knowledge you need to start your organic kitchen garden! The workshop will include a kitchen waste compost at home and a module on its application in your garden. The session is called the kitchen garden and kitchen waste disposal workshop. August 21, 10:30 p.m. Register at Rs 999.

Learn about perfumes

Sign up for Online Perfume Course Learn the basics of fragrance and understand the importance of scent strength and durability and create a unique scent. Then you will find 14 basic features of modern perfumes that you can mix according to your personal taste. The Fragrance Course is an exciting discovery workshop behind the scenes that takes you to the mysterious perfume world. Whether you are new to the industry, just an experienced industry executive or just a perfumer, this course is for you. Until 10 a.m. on September 1. 12,000 rubles. Register at

Keep your mind off it

This workshop, dubbed Dictator, is designed to ease the impact of the unimportant things in your life and to connect you with ideas and things that you no longer think of to serve a healthy and lasting purpose. . Get clarity on how to cancel late decisions, decide what kind of life you want, and learn tools to reject anything that does not contribute to your safety. August 22 at 12 noon. This is a free webinar. Register at

log off

Bird 101

Whether you are a beginner or someone who wants to participate in an improvement course, sign up for 101 session for bird photography. This Presentation Learn how to get sharp beautiful images with your camera, full-frame sensors and how it affects impaired contrast and image quality. Using your histogram for accurate exposure, ISO settings, file depth, correct closing speeds for accuracy, setting and more. August 21. Register at


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