PM-KISAN Grade 9: Pampore Saffron Manufacturer Thank you, Modi.

Abdul Majid Wani, a Saffron producer from the Pampore area of ​​Pulwama District, thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his initiative in promoting farmers ‘safety and increasing farmers’ income as PM-KISAN.

Other farmers from several states / UTs joined the video conference today as they released their 9th financial benefit under the PM-KISAN program through a video conference.

According to the central government’s budget plan, the prime minister has transferred more than 19.75 million farmers to 19,500 reais.

According to the plan, 6,000 rubles will be paid directly to farmers each year, which will be deposited in registered bank accounts. The amount is divided by three equal four monthly payments of 2,000 rubles each.

In his speech, the Prime Minister said the government has now decided to have Kashmir Shafron available in NAFED stores across the country and the initiative will provide much incentive for Shafron farming in Jammu and Kashmir.

Interact with PM

“In the past, a saffron producer used to bring in 90,000 to 1.10 million rubles per kilogram. It’s a year before the 2022 goal, ”said Wayne.

Saffron, who has been growing saffron for the past 30 years on land measuring 40 canals, said saffron farming has been declining due to low marketing and certification issues.

Government initiatives such as the Geo-Identification (GI) label and Papimor on Spice Park have been called a game changer for the local Saffron manufacturer and the Indian International Kashmir Saffron Trading Center (IIKSTC) has been awarded to Shafron Manufacturers and FA. By bringing double the price of their crop.

He said the e-auction for Kashmiri Saffron was a by-election by setting up a spice park, giving GI certification to customers at the national and international markets where they can buy real saffron rather than fake brands sold under Kashmir Saffron. .

According to Wani, the saffron farm is in crisis, but the revitalization of the national saffron mission (NMS) has been revived due to government intervention.

“NSM has helped us in two ways – one by providing the latest agricultural technologies, as well as by providing incentives for saffron farming, which has resulted in renewal of spices in this area,” Wanine added.

He also thanked the Prime Minister for the presence of Kashmiri Saffron in NAFED stores across the country, saying such initiatives would further increase the value of the world’s spices.

Interaction with Saffron Growers Navin Kumar Chohari, Managing Director at IIKSTC Dusu Pampore, Managing Director, National Garden Board, Rajbir Singh; Deputy Commissioner ul Lema, Bezer-ul-haq Choudhary; Director of Agriculture Kashmir, Chaudari Mohammed Iqbal; MD JKHPMC, Shafat Sultan, Partner Departments and other stakeholders were present.

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