Police recommend a ‘violent bush’ and security lights to prevent thieves

Residents of Perthisher are advised to grow “aggressive shrubs” and install locked doors to protect gardens and buildings from thieves.

The police directive comes in recent weeks following a series of robberies in sheds, construction and gardens in Perth and Kinros.

And Grams Benny, chief executive of Perth and Kiros, said local landlords could have prevented many thefts if they had taken some simple steps to protect their gardens, barns and garages.

Preventing thieves from entering gardens, he said: “Lower fences, walls and fences in front of the property – up to a maximum of 1.2 meters and in good repair and natural maintenance. An attacker is hard to work without.

“Prevent easy access to the back and side by pressing locked doors. Backyards and walls should be between 1.8 and 2 meters high.

“Trisis should be considered difficult to climb, as well as rope.

Blue spruce is one of the recommended shrubs with firethorn

“Think of the defenses of nature – hackers grow up an aggressive bush that is difficult to climb.

Suitable plants include beriberi, blue spruce, common holly, giant rhubarb, golden bamboo, ferns, shrubs, pencil Christmas trees, pine, and rubies.

Safety lighting around property is also recommended as a protection.

Shelves should be placed in an area that does not allow anyone to easily climb fences and walls or access windows.

Residents will be asked to lock garden furniture, furniture or appliances in a safe cottage, garage or outdoor store. They can be not only a target for theft but also items that can be used to break houses.

It is advisable to take photographs of important items and use chains as locks to prevent robbers from entering the garage and ds.

He added: “Take note of production, model, color and identification numbers and use a UV pen or mark your home number and postal code to match your safety.”

“You may want to use a chain or other tool to lock the structure together to remove garden tools and furniture.

“Install a high-quality broom and lock door with bolts or non-return bolts to prevent interference. Appropriate products such as ‘Sold Safe’ or ‘Design-Secured’ should be considered.

“Guard windows and do not give invaders a chance to look inside.

Depending on the type of window, you may want to consider installing window sills, heavy-duty wire mesh, or reinforced glass.

“You can also use curtains or opaque film. If the window is open, a window lock must be attached.

“If you have an invasive alarm, consider covering enclosures, garages and buildings and making sure there is a visible outdoor speaker box.

“If you don’t have a safe cover, put things in – don’t let them sleep.

If your garage is connected to your home and has a door, keep it locked.


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